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Rejection of Ever Accepting the Fear Factor from Terror

Islamic State(IS)  terrorists, in an Internet video, have named Washington, DC - the Capital of the Free World, as a site of a terror plot.

This IS threat comes upon the heels of recent heinous, cowardly and savage attacks upon a passenger jetliner over Egypt, bombings in Iraq, Lebanon and Nigeria, and the despicable crime against humanity orchestrated against the French people last Friday.

Whereas the IS has sought to abuse and to dupe the vulnerability of marginal misfits to perpetrate its crimes, the group in issuing its most recent threat against Washington, DC, should be mindful that in no other jurisdictions across the world could Muslims exercise their faith as easily and freely as in the United States(US). 

Therefore, any lunatic calls by the terrorists hoping that a 'lone-wolf' would heed its irrational plot for an attack upon Washington, DC, should never be answered. As in much of the free world, the people of Washington, DC and other US cities, stand resolute in rejecting fear from terror. The people in Washington, DC have affirmed not to descend into the uncivilized doldrums of despair like those electing to live like arid-moles in the heat of the desert.

The selfish ungodly threat by the IS upon Washington, DC should never be answered because those who live in Washington, DC and across the US, clearly acknowledge their benefits of freedom of religion across the entire country. 

That the IS would beckon to stir attacks upon Washington, DC from a loner or a small group, underscores the selfish inconsiderate ideology of the IS that has clearly failed to take into account the scrutiny, and heightened scrutiny placed on other Muslims, and their families through the groups extremist violence and its readiness to implicate innocent peace-loving Muslims in its crimes against humanity.

While Washington, DC and other US cities remain on alert to the threats made by the IS, they do so while the peace and prosperity of the lives of the free continue and in total rejection of the fear factor from terror.