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The Necessity of some Wars

Nobody likes war - it is hell that wages discriminatory violence often upon innocents rather than upon villains  and despots. Yet, some wars become necessary when liberty and justice and equality are threatened or denied.

In recent history, it was necessary for the Allies to wage war in defense of humanity and of civilization against the genocide-inflicting Nazis in World War II. In more recent history, as debate swirls as to the questionable justification and necessity of the second Iraq war, it appears that some people -  having a bad taste for the second Iraq event, are overlooking explicit current events of aggression that if left unchecked, could plunge the world into warfare.

Acts of aggression that have the potential to threaten the continuity of free civilization should be addressed and dealt with early rather than late so as to prevent a global event of war. 

To this end, Russian prowling in the vicinity of crucial western communications lines in the ocean, should no go unchallenged. Vladimir Putin's deployment of anti-aircraft missiles to military bases in Syria even though the Islamic States(IS) and other rebel groups in Syria lack air forces, is certainly worthy of scrutiny. Moreover, China's unitary grab of most of the South China Sea cannot go unchallenged if freedom of navigation is to be maintained for vast sea-trade in Southeast Asia.

The necessity to sustain liberty, freedom of trade, navigation and the security of global economic health and communications, is worth fighting to maintain. And though nobody wants war, it becomes necessary that free people are prepared for any possible necessary conflict in order to retain life, liberty, equality and the rule of law - the tenets of thriving modern civilization.