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On Syria's Forced Changes to the Relations of Nations and the Spread of Extremism

Syria and its fertile breeding grounds for extremism because of the reign of Bashar al Assad attributing to the rise of the Islamic State(IS), is emerging as a precedent setter on what to do and what not to do in the realm of international relations while opening a looking glass into what the future of the relations of nations might look like.

Syria has proved that it is a failure of the international community to rely on mere diplomacy to end a humanitarian crisis that has killed more than 250,000 people, including civilians, women and children - many of whom have been barrel-bombed or gassed to death. Syria demonstrates that it is a travesty of justice and of humanity to remain impotent and inactive as a regime slaughters its own people and displaces millions of them into the care of other nations, thus creating undue social  political and economic strains upon others.

Syria has demonstrated the need for a more efficient mechanism for the removal from power of despots who perpetrate crimes against humanity and adversely effect the national security of multi-nations during the process. 

Therefore, as affairs stand today, this Second Day of November, 2015, the future of relations between nations stand to change as a result of the Syrian war with supporters of despots assisting failed governments to continue reigns of terror, as free nations wrestle to create and to sustain the institutions of good governance in order to maintain life, liberty and rule of law to the people of the said lands. 

Rumors of conflicts and conflicts appear imminent in the future of relations between nations. Compounding this likelihood is the rise and the spread of violent extremism fueled by rule of the likes of Bashar al Assad. His rule has forced, and will continue to make complex, the relations of nations involved in his survival with those nations concerned with the survival and the continuity of  Syrian people and culture.