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No Peace in Syria While Terror Reigns

When Syrian peace talks -  without the direct involvement of the Opposition or the regime -  adjourned in Vienna, Austria, last Friday, the negotiations failed on a terrorism consensus. And this should have come as no surprise since Bashar al Assad has claimed he is not prepared to relinquish power until terrorism is wiped out in Syria.

One true statement uttered on the behalf of Assad from his presidency in Damascus, admits: "No initiative or ideas can be implemented, and their success guaranteed, before the elimination of terrorism and the restoration of security and stability to the whole country," Reuters reported last Wednesday.

Assad is right, there can be no peace in Syria while terror reigns. Bashar al Assad is the biggest terrorist in Syria and he will not eliminate himself, thus there could be no peace in Syria as long as he reigns. 

Though Assad and his regime might reference the Opposition forces as well as the Islamic State(IS) and other groups he has inflamed and fueled in Syria, as terrorists, the truth remains that Assad is the biggest terrorist in the Levant. 

Assad and his regime have executed a war for nearly five-years that has killed in excess of 250,000 people -  including civilians, women and children, whom his regime have barreled-bomb and gassed to death. Millions of Syrian have been displaced and sent fleeing to Europe and elsewhere to destabilize others. If the perpetrator of such crimes against humanity is not a terrorist, then who is? 

Assad is a terrorist and continued efforts to involve him into any peace process other than his surrender for prosecution for crimes against humanity, would amount to another travesty of justice and of humanity and a prolongation of violence and instability in the Levant. There can be no peace in Syria while the terror Bashar al Assad, reigns.