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November 2015

The Guardianship of the Environment is a Shared Responsibility

The guardianship of the environment is a shared responsibility tasked equally to all the world's peoples. 

Yet, the divisions between rich and poor -  developed and developing nations, once appropriately defined, could mandate that financial assistance be allotted to poor nations to assist them in meeting their obligations to good stewardship of the environment and to compensate for damages and losses through sea rise and other Climate Change events.

Therefore, an initial pledge of $250 million at the opening of CPO 21, Paris, by the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Finland, France, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland to poor nations to help adapt to Climate Change, augurs well toward the hope of combating the devastating effects of Climate Change.

A Binding Agreement on Climate Change is Fitting at COP 21, Paris

In Paris, France, the twenty-first conference of the parties(COP 21), convenes tomorrow; and as the nations of the World gather in the 'City of Lights' for a history making United Nations(UN) conference on Climate Change, there's hope that out of this Paris meeting, a binding agreement could be reached to tie each nation to take the necessary precautions to combat Climate Change.

From Sydney, Australia; to New York City, USA; to London, England; to Sao Paulo, Brazil; to Berlin, Germany; to Hong Kong; and to Paris -  where 20,000 pairs of shoes will take the place of advocates for climate change, people are standing across the globe and demanding immediate action on climate change.

Human Rights Must Remain Inalienable - Never Transferred or Dealt Away

Two Turkish journalists -  detained for showing footage reportedly of the country's intelligence agency helping send weapons to Syria, have sent a letter from prison to the European Union(EU), urging Europe not to compromise over human rights with Turkey. And in the letter from the Silivri prison, near Istanbul, the journalists have in essence reminded the World that human rights are inalienable and should never be negotiated or dealt away as a short run answer to any difficulty or crisis.

Defending Turkey - Ending Putin's Flagrant Border Violations

Nobody heralds the downing of a country's fighter jet by a friendly nation, but the recent downing of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey for violating Turkish air space, appears to have been an inevitable event that was set into motion about two years ago, when Vladimir Putin started skirting the borders of nations from the Nordic States to the coast of Great Britain.

Turkey, which has been rightly concerned about the security of its border with Syria ever since the Syrian war started, has remained a strong proponent of a "no-fly-zone" in the area.

Thankful for All the People

Happy Thanksgiving Day! On this day of thanks and gratitude, I wish to first and foremost thank The Almighty through whom all things are possible.

I am also thankful for all the people among who limitless benefits and abilities abound to sustain human life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

As I am especially grateful for my own beautiful family who join me in saluting all the Native peoples of the Americas, we offer a special prayer for the people of France and for all the people besieged by fear, conflict and war on this day - especially the children.

A Look into the Islamic State(IS) from Afar: Idea Two

Justice must be served upon the Islamic State(US) for the crimes it has committed against the innocent people of France, of Lebanon, of Nigeria and for the crimes against the ethnic peoples of Iraq and Syria, as well as for the crimes upon innocent hostages beheaded.

The recent violent attacks upon France that killed 130 innocents, for which the IS has claimed responsibility, are rare events that the IS is incapable of sustaining in free western societies. The scar upon France and the subsequent fear upon Belgium, were orchestrated and conducted to induce and to bestow fear upon European people and financial markets, ahead of the Christmas Holiday -  a major commercial event for capitalists.

A Look into the Islamic State(IS) from Afar: Idea One

[Disclaimer: The following is my assessment of the Islamic State(IS) and it does not represent the assessment of any government or intelligence agency, organization or group. This is my logical conclusion that could be rebutted by anyone of the six-figure-salaried analysts in the intelligence field, Think Tanks and Media Houses. I would strongly suggest that if anyone prefers a more common mainstream assessment of the IS, he/she should then read the briefs and reports of the experts and not my lay observation.

A Global Failing on Humanity has Enabled Crimes Against Humanity

The failure of the international community to end the Syrian war during the past five years has resulted in multiple crimes against humanity being committed from Syria to Europe. This failure has also encouraged the rise of extremism in lieu of any viable alternative to governance in Syria, of which the Islamic State(IS), has been the major benefactor.

More than 250,000 people have been killed thus far in Bashar al Assad's war upon the Syrian people. More than half of the Syrian population of 22 million has been displaced.

Religious Ideology - Fallible or Not, Is not Easily Defeated

The crimes terrorists committed upon the French people and upon other innocent people, must never be allowed to go unpunished. Justice must be served for every innocent person killed by extremists. Violent extremism must be weeded out from every hamlet, oasis, town and city.

The Islamic State(IS) has claimed responsibility for many of these killings of innocent people, including the attacks on Paris, November 13, 2015. Therefore, it is fitting that France has stepped up air strikes upon the IS in Syria and for Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, to declare that the IS must be destroyed at all costs, according to an Associated Press(AP) report.

The Emergence of an Incubated Belgian Terror Connection

That the plotter and other terrorists of the attacks on Paris, France, a week-ago, were Belgian, or had some form of residential link to Belgium, clearly sheds light on an incubated Belgian connection to the rise of extremism among free peoples.

The light cast upon Belgium should not be to criticize nor to chastise, but to gain an understanding into the rise of radicalization and the spread of extremism after years of failed attempts to integrate Belgium's 650,000 Muslim population within the general population of Dutch-speakers in the north and French-speakers in the south.