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October 2015

Washington's Lateness But Required Presence on the Ground in Syria

The United States(US) has finally recognized the need for troops on the ground in Syria to assist Kurdish and Arab forces there. 

And though Washington's decision to attempt to directly stabilize Syria has come late, and after Russia joined the fray in the Levant to shore up Bashar al Assad's regime, the US decision is needed to protect and to promote a western sphere in Syria, where Russian and Iranian influences have been peaking.

The small US contingent of 50 Special Forces Servicemen will be a welcoming asset and morale boost to forces fighting the Islamic State(IS) while fending off attacks from Russian and Assad forces.

A World Court Will Hear Challenges to China's Lion's-Share Claim on the South China Sea

To the dismay and angst of China, yesterday, an International Tribunal at The Hague, Netherlands, exercised jurisdiction over a case the Philippines has brought against China's claim to a lion's-share of the South China Sea, and has decided to hear the case.

And with that ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, China's objection to the legitimacy of the court to hold the hearing has been overruled and the court will take evidence in the case before issuing a decision in the matter next year.

Amid Chinese Rhetoric of War, the Ideal Remains Constant: Sustaining Freedom of Navigation

While the United States(US) has affirmed freedom of navigation on international waters by sailing into the disputed South China Sea, some careless rhetoric threatening war, has emerged within China. 

Whereas Beijing and its communist mouth-pieces, including the Global Times, have asserted that China is not frightened to fight a war with the US on the South China Sea, the ideal of freedom of navigation and the honoring of treaties with allies in the region, must remain constant and be resoundingly affirmed.

And So It Is...

And so it is that on this 28th day of October, 2015, humanity still struggles with its obligations under the laws of nature and faces varying hurdles to full harmony, liberty, equality, dignity and the rule of law.

From Palestine, Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, to Libya, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Nigeria and Central African Republic, to Ukraine, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and Venezuela, to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and some former soviet republics and many other places across the globe, the aspirations of many people to dignity, independence and liberty, remain unrealized.

Affirming Freedom of Navigation - the United States Sails into Disputed Waters on the South China Sea

The United States(US) sailed a destroyer within the 12-mile radius of disputed reefs on the South China Sea, earlier today, hereby affirming freedom of navigation against China's excessive claim to a whopping 90 percent of the resource-rich sea over much vexation and protests from its smaller neighbors.

The USS Lassen, a guided-missile destroyer, broke the 12-mile radius of Subi and Mischief Reefs, where China has been erecting islands on sunken rocks and erecting aircraft landing strips over protests and disputes by the Philippines and other smaller claimants on the South China Sea.

The European Patch of the Migrant Crisis

European leaders have resolved to expand reception capacity shelters to house another 100,000 migrants, to bolster the borders of Greece, to widen border operations and to make use of bio-metric data to register and to screen migrants in an effort to ease the migration crisis plaguing the continent.

Following an emergency summit in Brussels, Belgium, earlier this morning, and after some bickering between members on how best to stem the flow of migrants into the continent, European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, said "The immediate imperative is to provide shelter" to the tens of thousands of migrants seeking solace in Europe.

Europe's Migrant Crisis - an Ongoing Humanitarian Test

Europe's humanitarian authenticity is being tested by the current migrant crisis at the continent's borders. 

To this end, as Central Europe and the Balkans hold an emergency summit today,  to discuss the crisis involving tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and other migrants, much attention will be paid to the final resolution adopted against a background of border closings, threats and rumors of more border closings as the numbing cold of winter approaches migrants forced under the elements.

Toward Sustaining Freedom of Navigation on the South China Sea

Whereas China has side-stepped International Conventions and has made claim to some 90 percent of the South China Sea as its own, smaller nations in the region are now faced with inevitable diminishing sovereignty. 

International navigation and billions of dollars of yearly trade and commerce on the South China Sea, would come under direct Chinese control and influence should China's claim to most of the Sea go unchallenged. In attempts to exercise this power over international navigation, China has erected large reclamation and construction projects on disputed atolls, rocks and islets.

Note to Syria's Children XI

Children, hopefully by now, most of you have safely made it to one of the refugee camps -  preferably in Turkey, where I understand the care is exemplary, or some of you have made it onto the continent of Europe, in search of solace, a new home and hope away from the wrath of Bashar al Assad's war. 

I will continue to pray and to advocate for your better welfare and for your accorded dignity as this humanitarian tragedy and blight upon civilization that is the Syrian war, continues. I will continue to push for justice for your fallen families and peers so that their lives may not have been lost in vain.

Assad and Putin - Partners in the Mockery of Humanity and of the Rights of Man

If sending Russian forces and arms to Syria to shore up the tyrant, Bashar al Assad, was not enough to affirm his condemnation of international humanitarian norms, then Vladimir Putin has made no mistake in reaffirming his dismay for humanity and for the children and civilian victims of the Syrian war, by hosting Assad in Moscow.

That Assad's regime has perpetrated a war that has killed more than 250,000 thus far and displaced millions, while creating a refugee crisis in Europe,  must be more then enough evidence for Assad to be treated as a pariah in the scheme of international relations.