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What are you Doing for Peace? September 21 is International Day of Peace

The United Nations(UN) earlier today on its Facebook(FB) page, posed the following question: "What are you doing for peace?"

This honest outreach by the UN was an innocent gesture to gain feedback to considerations of peace. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was quoted on the FB post as declaring: "Although it may seem hopelessly distant, the dream of peace pulses in the lives of people everywhere."

Ban Ki-moon is right - peace remains the hope of many people especially those adversely effected by conflicts from the Middle East to Africa and elsewhere. However, in answer to the UN's posted question, the question should be reposed to the International body: What is the UN doing for peace?

In all fairness to the International Organization against all its handicaps to forging peace, the UN is doing a hell of a lot with peace keepers deployed in many regions, with tireless diplomats crossing the globe promoting peace and with thousands of hard working overwhelmed humanitarian workers trying to piece back together the lives of millions of displaced people.

However, that the UN has failed to bring peace to the children of Syria and many others, remains a stark testament of the impotency of the body to affect peace under its present structure.

China and Russia - two of the five Permanent members of the the UN Security Council, having super-veto status, have on a number of occasions, blocked resolutions crafted to bring peace to Syria.

Therefore, under its current structure with both China and Russia having super-vetoes, it is hereby almost impossible for the UN to do all that it could do for peace in spite of the aspirations, hopes and desires of many of the world's people.

So, as the world body gets ready to celebrate International Day of Peace, maybe it could look within itself at its organization with a view to reforming the super-veto at the Security Council to a simple majority. Then, perhaps, just maybe,  the UN would be able to answer its own question by declaring that it is doing all that is necessary for peace.