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The Non-selected Option to Fight for their Homelands by many Refugees

Testimony before the United States(US) Congress on Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, earlier this week, indicated that recruitment of moderate forces to fight within Syria, was not stellar. Yet, daily pictures taken at Europe's borders are filled with many disheartening images of able-bodied men fleeing the Syrian conflict and seeking ready-made peace within the European Union(EU).

So why is it that so many of the Levant's able-bodied men have opted to flee rather than to fight to establish peace in their homelands? Has the option ever been presented to  these young men fleeing conflict and conscription into Bashar al Assad's to join the moderates? Who are the moderates? Where are the moderates? How do able-bodied men connect with the moderates?

In the Levant, it appears that joining the Islamic State(IS) is a far easier process than joining one of the not-well-known moderate groups. Maybe moderate forces and their sponsors have not utilized the refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan effectively? 

I suspect that many of  the able-bodied men overrunning Europe's borders today were never recruited by western friendly forces in the Levant. So, instead of being conscripted to fight for Assad or to join the violent extremists, they have opted to flee.

Therefore, while the evidence presented to the US Congress on the less than stellar training of moderate forces in the Levant, might appear  as having a shortage of recruits, reality suggests that the ideal places for recruits have not been covered. Thus, many able-bodied men are fleeing to ready-made freedom in Europe instead of fighting to establish their own comfort at home.