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The Hungarian Migrant Repellent Fence - an Exposure of Fractures within the European Union

Hungary has completed a razor-sharp fence at its southern border with Serbia to stem the tide of refugees flowing into Europe. To reinforce the effectiveness of the fence, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has dispatched horse-mounted security forces to help curtail migrants from breaching the border.

Orban's actions in Hungary, along with the preference of Slovakia to only accept Christian migrants, the uneasiness created in the Czech Republic by inking numbers onto the bodies of migrants and the objections and the skepticism of some European Union(EU) members to abide by a quota system of accepting migrants, are all indicative of exposed fractures within the EU.

Early signs of fractures within the union surfaced last year as Orban grumbled over extending economic sanctions upon Vladimir Putin's Russia over its role in the conflict in Ukraine. However, the deepening migrant crisis now facing Europe, is bringing to the fore naysayers and objectors of established EU policy, of which Orban is the most vocal. 

Orban has essentially given notice to the EU that his self-interests would be promoted and served first in Hungary over any policies of the union. In essence, Orban and the objectors to migration have established precedent as to the identity of future sources of dissent within the EU.