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Tourists are Killed by Security Forces Confirming Egypt's Growing Security Woes

Egyptian security forces opened fire upon a convoy of tourist vehicles earlier today killing 12 Mexicans and Egyptians and injuring 10. 

Reuters reported that at least two Mexican tourists were killed when a force of police and military fired upon the four vehicles mistaken for a convoy of militants they were chasing in the western desert close to the Libyan border.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted: "Mexico condemns these deeds against our citizens and has demanded an exhaustive investigation of what has occurred," Reuters reported.

The Egyptian foreign ministry has claimed that the tourist convoy was at an off-limits site on an unapproved safari and using unlicensed cars when it was mistaken for militants.

But this tragic event in Egypt underscores the deteriorating security conditions that are prevailing across the country as the Sisi government confronts militants from the Sinai, to Cairo, to Alexandria and beyond. The insurgency within Egypt has widened since the Morsi government was deposed two years ago with the subsequent outlawing of the Muslim Brotherhood and a series of judicial decisions jailing and/or committing to death many dissenters and protesters of the Sisi administration. Last month, three journalists were handed jail sentences by an Egyptian court on flimsy speech charges that brought condemnation from the international community.

On August 29, this Blog under the headline: The Damning of Egyptian Stability Via Judicial and Political Actions, warned that Egyptian authorities "have damned Egypt's stability to the reactionary violence of radicals". And on August 30, under the headline: Egypt's Objection to Analyses of its Judicial and Political Actions Will not Alter Already Sown Instability, I charged that complaints from the Egyptian authorities of the view of others on Egypt's created state of affairs, would not solve already sown instability.

Moreover, when British Ambassador  John Casson, reacting to Egypt's sentencing of journalists, stated that such actions could "undermine confidence in the basis of Egypt's stability, both in Egypt and abroad", authorities fretted and complained that such remarks were an "unacceptable interference" in Egypt's judiciary.

Now with today's tragic death of tourists within Egypt at the hands of the government's own security forces, the truth of Ambassador Casson's observations along with those of others to the insecurity of Egypt, is sadly realized. 

There is growing instability in Egypt flared by judicial and political actions that among other things, will effect Egyptian tourism.