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On Warfare and its Lengthy Execution - the Prolongation of Suffering and Insecurity

It has been said that war is hell and hell is war: if true, prolonged hell through war must be a myriad of suffering, death and destruction - pangs contrary to the healthy functioning of any organism that bring unimaginable consequences to communities, regions and the globe.

Therefore, peace should reign. But given the imperfect nature of humankind - the greed and dominance of men, the desire of women, unsettled historical scores, the right of the oppressed to win freedom and the unequal distribution of world resources, war apparently becomes necessary at times.

However, most wars are never short -  they are long - lasting many years and exposing thousands and thousands of people to violent events and consequences. Historical evidence support the exponential exposure to more and more people to violence and its effects over the lengthy execution period of wars.

Today's Syrian war is a prime example of the horrid effects of the prolonged execution of war. The direct effects of Bashar al Assad's war in the Levant has now reached Europe, the Americas and Australia as civil communities struggle to host the displaced victims. Yet, the full effects of the Syrian war are far from over because the true short and long term effects of strains upon the infrastructures of hosting nations remain unmeasured. Some governments could topple as a result, some opposition groups could rise and social spats could widen.

Unarguably, had the Syrian war ended in the first year, the world would not now be forced to carry Bashar al Assad's burden. The stalwarts charged with the protection of unabridged exercises of freedom and liberty must now identify and quash early events that are preludes to war with a view to ending the prolongation of suffering of millions of people and all the ensuing consequences.


The holding ceasefire in Ukraine is a good sign toward the aspirations of the Ukrainian people and to global stability.