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To Fuel a Humanitarian Disaster - Russian Delivery of Aid and Arms to Bashar Assad

Two calls within the past week from United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to express concern over reports of Russia's continued arming of the Bashar al Assad's regime in Syria, and the likely violence it could flare, have resulted in Russian confirmation of shipments of "military goods" and humanitarian aid to the war-torn country.

Hence, Russia's actions could continue to fuel the humanitarian disaster that is the Syrian war -  to maintain Assad's position is Damascus, and to extend the conflict with no end in sight and force more of Syria's displaced people to the lands of Europe, thus exacerbating an already chronic debacle to host tens of thousands of asylum seekers.

As reported by the Associated Press(AP) earlier today, the Russian Foreign Minister confirmed the presence of Russian military personnel within Syria and that Russian planes flying to an airfield close to Latakia, Syria, were loaded with "military goods in accordance with existing contracts and humanitarian aid." 

Russia has been one of the main supporters of Bashar al Assad, whose war has displaced millions of Syrians, killed some 250,000 people -  including too many children, women and civilians.

But concerns over Russia's actions in Syria should not come as any surprise in lieu of the inability of western nations and organizations to dislodge Assad from Syria and to end the humanitarian travesty there. 

Blatantly put, Russia has had no incentive not to support Assad. Rumblings of crimes against humanity committed by Assad's forces have not resulted in any indictments nor prosecutions before the International Court. Plus, some politicians within Europe are once again speaking about doing business with Assad; so why would Russia change its long-time stance?

However, this much could be sufficed: the Syrian war appears from far being over unless there is an immediate push by the west to depose Assad; more displaced people will cross into Europe; the Levant will remain volatile; and the Islamic State(IS) will continue to be as long as Bashar al Assad sits in Damascus, thus driving his dissenters onto the rolls of the violent extremist group because of the lack of a viable alternative unit to fight Assad.