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Europe's Refugee Crisis: Indicative of the World's Failure to Effect Peace

In the latest development in the European refugee crisis, Hungarian authorities have closed the main train terminal in Budapest to migrants, thus impeding their hopeful westward trek in search of solace in Germany via Austria. Hungary's decision was obviously influenced by pressure from other European Union(EU) states fearing that Hungary was diluting the crisis away from its borders, and onto those of others.

Hungary has expressed very little interest in hosting sums of migrants from the Middle East and from North Africa. Hungary is a lay-over country for refugees seeking to migrate elsewhere throughout Europe where they feel more welcomed. 

With tens of thousands of war-fleeing people encroaching upon European borders, and with nations, cities and towns struggling to host, to impede and to return some of the migrants, Europe is confronted by the sum effect of war and conflict elsewhere that the international community has failed to end.

Moreover, that the Syrian war from which most of the displaced people are fleeing has been allowed to run so long, demonstrates the diminishing influence of international organizations and powers to effect peace. 

Europe will continue to see surges in displaced people at its door steps as long as the Syrian war continues. Asylum seekers will find shelter in a few places until a workable solution per the process of accepting and allotting refugees per welcomed nations, is ironed out or until Bashar al Assad's war ends. 

On a brighter side, some ordinary people within Europe are showing extraordinary sympathy to the cause of asylum seekers. In Iceland, which has agreed to take in a meager 50 refugees, one Icelandic woman has gone to great length to create a Facebook Page to petition her neighbors and government to allow in more refugees. So far, 12,000 residents have responded with one man admitting he can house and feed five refugees at his home.

But the people of Europe should not have to carry the burden of Assad's war upon the Syrian people. 

If the Iraq war was a bad war to have entered, then Syria is the epitome for international action on humanitarian grounds alone. It is not too late for the world community to recapture some its lost reputation for failing to end the human travesty that is the Syrian war.