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My Blog

Of Our Future...

The future of humanity is bright. Yet, it could become muddied and soiled by actors failing to play their responsible roles as protectors of the systems and the elements needed to sustain serenity.

Today, as millions of future generations return to their formal education after summer recess, the world should be reminded of the enormous task placed before the growing youth as safe-keepers of humanity and of the health and welfare of planet Earth.

Youth is the vanguard of all beneficial change in society and although many forthcoming generations might appear to grasp their future responsibilities, they will need much help from the present generation in order to make their tasks sustainable.

The present generation must not rollover to the generations of the future any reminisces of conflicts, of wars, of inequality, of injustice nor of environmental destruction. To do such would be passing on the created transgressions of the past to the future. And just as sons and daughters should never pay for the sins of their mothers and fathers, future generations should not be made to carry any tainted and slanted load of the present generation.

Therefore, it becomes sufficient and necessary for all of humankind to show empathy toward one another and to work by international cooperation to solve the present ills of humanity - from Syrian war, to the Libyan and Yemeni conflicts, to the violence of South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, to the incursions
in Ukraine and on the South China Sea, to the immigration issues of Europe and the Americas and to the abridgment of freedoms and rights in China, Myanmar and Thailand.

Brightness should never be dulled. The radiance of youth and the prospects of humanity should never be allowed to become matted by the trifled few seeking to hinder the perpetual development of the human spirit. Justice, freedom, equality and environmental protection must remain as the rallying cries.