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August 2015

Note to Syria's Children X

Children, it has been a long ten months since my last note to you -  not that I had forgotten you, but because of the shame I carry because humanity has failed you. 

That humanity has failed to end the modern day calamity that is the Syrian war, which has killed more than 200,000 of your peers, your parents, your families, your friends and your neighbors, is a sad testament of our modern times. That international organizations and world powers have failed to bring you peace and prosperity is an abomination of the tenets of natural law and of the human spirit.

Egypt's Objection to Analyses of its Judicial and Political Actions Will not Alter Already Sown Instability

When a two year systematic crackdown -  charging, trying and sentencing opposition members, dissenters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood to jail and to death, was underscored with prison sentences to three journalists yesterday over free speech, today, Egyptian authorities are protesting international analyses of its actions and implications of its judicial and political decisions.

While many analysts agree that the sum of the actions taken by the Sisi government and the Egyptian judiciary over the past two years will inevitably promote instability within Egypt, as some dissenters become more radicalized, the Sisi foreign ministry took serious offense to remarks British Ambassador John Casson made following the press freedom jail sentencing of three Al-Jazeera journalists.

The Damning of Egyptian Stability Via Judicial and Political Actions

An Egyptian court earlier today sentenced three journalists to three-year prison terms on flimsy charges of operating without a press license and for broadcasting material deemed harmful to Egypt.

On sentencing Mohammed Fahmy -  a Canadian, Baher Mohammed -  an Egyptian and Peter Greste -  an Australian, who was deported from the country in February; all Al Jazeera journalists, Egypt has affirmed its questionable respect of human rights and of freedom of the people and of the Press, while it has confirmed its damning political and judicial actions aimed to raise instability and insecurity and to promote dissent in the land of the Pharaohs.

Fight or Flight - the Taken Option of Refugees

Nature has endowed animal species with two characteristics to cope with attack - fight or flight. 

Most deer, lacking fangs and sharp incisors, respond to an attack via flight. Most canines and felines, with strong jaws and teeth and sharp claws, will fight once attacked - they are armed.

In the highest specie of animals - humans, having the ability to use tools(weapons) and possessing strong cognitive traits; respond to attacks based upon moral choices, the availability of weapons and upon the ease and opportunity to organize with each other to defend against a foe or foes.

The Solution to Europe's Deepening Migrant Crisis: Ending Conflicts at the Sources of Immigration

The bodies of 50 refugees seeking solace in Europe were found suffocated to death in an abandoned truck in eastern Austria earlier today. In the hold of a broken down vessel off the coast of Libya, another 51 bodies of displaced people have been discovered. 

In the past year, Great Britain, according to the its Office of National Statistics, has recorded its highest number of immigrants - 330,000. Authorities in Hungary yesterday detained 3,241 refugee seekers, its highest daily figure exceeding the prior day's number by 700.

After Asylum, a Persistent Threat to Immigrants from Europe's Far-Right

As barriers, barb-wire fences, vocal opposition and protests are raised in Europe against immigration, displaced people seeking refuge, could face elongated periods of  incidents of violence from Europe's far-right groups.

If the recent violence perpetrated against an asylum center near Dresden, Germany, is indicative of things to come, then many new immigrants to Europe - having fled violence in their homelands, could still encounter more violence as they attempt to settle in comfort in their new homes of freedom.

The Realism of China's Market Correction and the Global Effects

What goes up must come down. And China's main stock market - the Shanghai Index, more than doubled  in the 12-months up to mid-June, 2015, the BBC-News reported early this morning. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the main stock market of the communists has been plunging over the past two weeks - reaching an-eight-year low last Friday, falling farther yesterday and again today, despite a multi-billion dollar cash infusion from the Beijing government and its cohorts to influence the 'invisible hands' of market forces.

Of Our Future...

The future of humanity is bright. Yet, it could become muddied and soiled by actors failing to play their responsible roles as protectors of the systems and the elements needed to sustain serenity.

Today, as millions of future generations return to their formal education after summer recess, the world should be reminded of the enormous task placed before the growing youth as safe-keepers of humanity and of the health and welfare of planet Earth.

Youth is the vanguard of all beneficial change in society and although many forthcoming generations might appear to grasp their future responsibilities, they will need much help from the present generation in order to make their tasks sustainable.

Tribulations of the Displaced to and within Europe

Displaced people, risking life and limb to find refugee from conflict and war zones in Libya, Syria and Iraq, are finding that their tribulations do not end on leaving the sands of danger. 

The exodus to solace is imperil by dangerous journeys aboard unsafe vessels, blockades of security forces and police; and should the displaced be fortunate enough to find asylum, there they encounter protest and violence from Europe's right-wing groups that are avidly opposed to immigration.

Last week as thousands of displaced people amassed at the Macedonia-Greece border hoping to make the arduous trek to freedom farther within Europe, Macedonian forces employed stun grenades and clubs upon the hundreds of men, women and children.

To Deter the Evolving Use and Scale of Violence by the Radicalized

Compelling evidence of the stark evolutionary and revolutionary use and scale of violence by the radicalized to disrupt and to scare civil society, was demonstrated by themodus operandiof the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City by terrorists in 2001.

Subsequently, further evidence as to the length and complexity heinous radicals would dare venture in attempts to inflict harm upon innocents, has been shown through the arrest of the 'shoe-bomber' aboard an aircraft. While many sophisticated methods to carry out acts of violence upon peaceful society have been thwarted, some were not.