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Toward the Eradication of Terror and the Victory of Serenity

All acts of terror must be condemned. Mercy cannot be extended to those who maliciously carry out heinous acts of terror upon innocents. Feelings of complacency toward the existence and the perpetration of terror must be rejected because it would be a travesty of humanity to allow terror, to plunge civilization into the abyss of mayhem and fear.

Therefore, terror must be eradicated. Serenity must be sustained as the victor of modern society. Hence, a deeper people-involved strategy to counter terror should become necessary in eradicating terrorism.  

Terror acts including an attack upon the legislature of the people of Canada can never be tolerated. An attack upon the free speech of the people of France must never be accepted. An attack on innocents at an icon of culture in Tunisia must be rejected and so must the cowardly act of gunning down solace-seeking beach goers on a peaceful shore. 

From Great Britain, to Belgium, to the Nordics, to Canada, to France, to the United States(US), to Australia, to Turkey and places in between, any single act of terror must be deemed as being too many. The frequency of terrorists' violence and extremists's acts must never become as common place as the sirens of emergency vehicles in Manhattan, New York. The world must never grow accustomed to acts of violence.

Describing extremism as "the struggle of our generation", British Prime Minister David Cameron, has opined: "I believe we can win the struggle of our generation...Together we"ll defeat extremists and build a stronger, more cohesive country for our children, grandchildren and generations to come," the British government revealed on its Facebook page yesterday.

So, in eradicating terrorism, it becomes necessary that a system be put in place to allow the anonymous passage of information from residents to security personnel about impending, planned or executed acts of terrorism. Also a monetary reward from funds allocated to fighting terrorism should be made available to informants. 

This proposed information line should be solely dedicated to terrorism and staffed by trained personnel and not by an automated system referring informants elsewhere, nor by a receptionist taking messages for counter terrorism staff, who might show up for work many hours after information was passed. A unique number could be assigned each tipster in acknowledgment of any forthcoming earned monetary award.

While similar lines now exist allowing information to be passed to security personnel, a terror hot line dedicated solely to terrorists information is necessary to complement the intelligence work of others, and as an additional tool toward the eradication of terrorism and sustaining the victory of serenity over free peoples.