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The Undetermined Effects of the Development of Allied Factions of Peoples

Evident today in failed, failing and pressured states, is the rise of allied factions of individuals, flung together through crises or via a mutual ideology that makes their alliances necessary for survival whether or not the alliance is extreme, violent, fallible or passive.

In the failed state of Syria, the Islamic State(IS) and the various alliances or unitary sects fighting the Assad regime are examples. In failing Iraq, the IS, the Kurds and other sects along with the Sunni and Shiite militias are examples. In Yemen, the Houtis and their opponents are examples. In Libya, the sparring sects are examples. In the pressured states of Ukraine and China, pro-Russian separatists, the Uyghurs and the criminal gangs of mainland China and Hong Kong are examples of these sects.

Under the current financial crisis in Greece that will inevitably have an adverse effect upon the norms of that society, a rise in factions of people could be expected over the next years, as Greeks become huddled into groups to cushion the austere effects of impending policies. 

Existing factions have thrived in places void of the rule of law and of the equal rights of all the people. Thus, Greece could hedge against any bad impact from potential sects by ensuring that it reaffirms its commitment to the rule of law and of the equal rights of all people. 

Yet, Greece will become the laboratory of what future factions of allied peoples would resemble in the western world, though their effects remain undetermined at this time.