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Toward the Healing of Greece - an Arduous Process

Divisions within Greece have been clearly defined with regards to the acceptance of tough dictated austerity measures needed to stave off financial collapse and to gain access to new credit. 

Yet, the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been able to secure passage of humiliating sovereignty-weakening legislation to appease creditors in order to receive more bailout money. The final vote in the Greek parliament late last night was 229-64 in favor of austerity policies including raising the sales tax, cutting spending, raising the retirement age and canceling a tax break to the Greek isles.

The debate over the austerity legislation demanded by European creditors as a prerequisite to talks on bailout money, shored up a division within Greece itself indicative by the hundreds of anti-austerity youth who pelted riot police with petrol bombs and rocks, and the 12,000 trade unionists who peacefully rallied in opposition to the harsh measures. 

In the legislature, 38-members of Prime Minister Tsipras's Syriza Party revolted against the government and voted no. Former Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis; Energy Minister, Pangiotis Lafazanis; and Parliament Speaker, Zoe Konstantopoulou, voted against the measure that even the Prime Minister described as a bad deal.

While Tsipras compromised: "We have a specific choice: A deal we largely disagreed with, or a chaotic default," the Associated Press(AP) reported, Parliament Speaker Konstantopoulou, described the austere demands as blackmail which would bring additional poverty and cause "social genocide" in Greece, the BBC-News reported.

Greece is divided. How much the just announced Eurogroup backed $10 billion bridge loan will help Greece heal, remains to be seen. Greece needs another $83 billion over the next three years. All policies aimed at healing the nation will take a long arduous journey.