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On the Effects of Unsettled Historical Evils as Causes of Future Instability

In almost every current occurrence of instability from Syria to Iraq, to Sudan and South Sudan, to Ukraine to Yemen, to Egypt to Libya, to Palestine to Gaza, to Nigeria and beyond, historical events of evil committed by a people or against a people could be attributed as the root causes of the instability. 

In the instances where historical evils have not been atoned - where, in the minds of many victims, or in the minds of their sons and their daughters and in the minds of their grandsons and their granddaughters, justice has not been served to the guilty, neither has justice been given to victims, events of instability are often repeated across multiple generations.

Then, it could be inferred that if the perpetrators of acts of evil are not punished to the satisfaction of victims and their families, and that those implicated in the evil fail to fully atone for the evil act, the original evil could serve as a future flash point to instability.

Therefore, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro could become future venues of more instability after the United Nations(UN) failed yesterday, through a veto from Russia, to classify the July, 1995 massacre of over 8,000 Muslim men and boys by Serbian troops at Srebrencia, as genocide. The UN classification of the ill-fated massacre as a genocide would have concurred the already determination of the International Court for Justice that Serb troops committed genocide. 

Moreover, the UN genocide classification could have paved the way for broader accountability by those responsible for the genocide as well as to serve to bring closure to the families of the thousands slaughtered. 

But Russia vetoed the measure claiming it "would be counter-productive, would lead to greater tension in the region" - a position hailed by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, as a "great day" for his country, the BBC-News reported.

But the Serb president and the Russian veto have failed to take into account that history cannot be erased, neither will it ever be forgotten by victims of evils and their families through systematic measures attempting to white-wash reality over admittance, acceptance, atonement and justice. 

Hence, yet another unsettled historical evil will now hover over the Serbia region. The effects remain unknown - for now.