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My Blog

July 2015

A Time Out

I'm takingA Time Outfrom writing beginning today, July 23, untilMonday, August 17, 2015. Thanks to all of you for following me during the past two years.

I will travel with my family and spend lots of time with my two younger sons. My two older sons grew too quickly - one day, they were babies, then, suddenly, they were men -  college graduates, a Venture Capitalist and a Lawyer to be. I wish to savor more quality moments with my two younger sons before time slips-by too quickly again.

So, I shall put away my pen and my lap top, turn a deaf-ear to World events for a couple of weeks, restricting myself to the iPad to capture glimpses of times I might have missed.

The Censor of Social Media is not a Remedy to Political Dissent in Turkey

Turkey has blocked access to the social media website - Twitter, to prevent the broadcast of images from Monday's carnage of a bombing that killed 32 people in Suruc, Turkey, and also to prevent Turkish Twitter users from calling for protests against the government, the Associated Press(AP) reported earlier today. [Most of my followers @#thereallayman on Twitter are Turkish.]

The AP cited the state-run Anadolu Agency, as confirming the censor of Twitter, noting that Turkey had asked Twitter to remove 107 URLs with images of the aftermath of Monday's suicide bombing in the southeast town of Suruc.

Toward the Eradication of Terror and the Victory of Serenity

All acts of terror must be condemned. Mercy cannot be extended to those who maliciously carry out heinous acts of terror upon innocents. Feelings of complacency toward the existence and the perpetration of terror must be rejected because it would be a travesty of humanity to allow terror, to plunge civilization into the abyss of mayhem and fear.

Therefore, terror must be eradicated. Serenity must be sustained as the victor of modern society. Hence, a deeper people-involved strategy to counter terror should become necessary in eradicating terrorism.

Consequences of the Failure to Liberate the World's Displaced Children

Deeply concerned and mindful of the plight and of the ramifications of millions of the world's children effected by conflicts and crises, yesterday on My Blog, I offeredA Children's Prayer. Later in the afternoon while scanning news headlines of the world, I saw an Associated Press(AP) exclusive report titled:In an IS training camp, children told: Behead the doll.

In the AP report written by Zeina Karam and Bram Janssen, it revealed the practice of the extremist group the Islamic State(IS) to indoctrinate captured children into the execution of violence through beheading -  first showing the children videos of actual beheading acts, then training the children to kill by performing the heinous acts upon dolls.

A Children's Prayer

Almighty God, before you the world stands to be judged. I pray that in executing this judgment, you may grant merciful relief to the innocent children of conflicts across the globe. 

I beg Father that you provide comfort and sanctuary to the children victims of the Syrian war. I humbly bequest that you provide safekeeping to the children of South Sudan, Central African Republic, Gaza, Ukraine, Libya, Nigeria, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Yemen. Also, Most Holy Father, I ask that you equip the children of Greece with the strength needed to weather the forthcoming economic hardships.

The Undetermined Effects of the Development of Allied Factions of Peoples

Evident today in failed, failing and pressured states, is the rise of allied factions of individuals, flung together through crises or via a mutual ideology that makes their alliances necessary for survival whether or not the alliance is extreme, violent, fallible or passive.

In the failed state of Syria, the Islamic State(IS) and the various alliances or unitary sects fighting the Assad regime are examples. In failing Iraq, the IS, the Kurds and other sects along with the Sunni and Shiite militias are examples.

The Ongoing Security Threat to Civil Society Posed by the Maladjusted Within

Violent, maladjusted, radicalized and non-patriotic individuals pose a continuing threat to the security and serenity of civil society. 

From Canada, to France, to Belgium, to Great Britain, to the United States and beyond,  callous cowardly acts by maladjusted perpetrators serve as reminders of the often stark grim reality of the modern era.

While some potential perpetrators could be identified early, it remains almost impossible to predict and to prevent many of these violent attacks by 'lone wolves'.

Toward the Healing of Greece - an Arduous Process

Divisions within Greece have been clearly defined with regards to the acceptance of tough dictated austerity measures needed to stave off financial collapse and to gain access to new credit. 

Yet, the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been able to secure passage of humiliating sovereignty-weakening legislation to appease creditors in order to receive more bailout money. The final vote in the Greek parliament late last night was 229-64 in favor of austerity policies including raising the sales tax, cutting spending, raising the retirement age and canceling a tax break to the Greek isles.

A Greek Lesson That's Still Evolving

The Greek financial crisis is far from over despite the austere agreement to enter into talks aim at debt relief and to more credit. Yet, an evolving lesson is emerging from the financial fiasco of the oldest democracy that will have global implications well into future generations.

The lesson is that there are inherent structural, social and political differences within any union of states. Though these differences may exist naturally, Greece is teaching that these matters are best addressed early and clandestinely, so as to avoid running the risk of opening up a union of states to rupture and also to avoid creating precedence for future crises arising within the union.

Comfort and Hope to a People - World Powers and Iran Strike an Accord

World Powers and Iran agreed earlier today in Geneva, Switzerland, on a nuclear deal that would prevent Iran possessing a nuclear weapon, in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

While skeptics of Iran and some adamant naysayers might continue to ridicule the deal as a mistake, the crux of international relations and of humanity would have been dealt a travesty of justice had no attempt been made to re-engage the people of a strong culture, back into the fold of the global community.