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Thoughts on Russia, China, Syria, Myanmar, the Islamic State, etal - Toward Global Stability

While many nations continue to repair and to rebound their economies after the global financial crisis of the early 2000s, a few actors, agitations and circumstances now pose a fresh threat to overall global wellness that if not checked and righted, could plunge global security into chaos, which will ultimately, spell hardships for many.

Henceforth, Vladimir Putin's insistence on prolonging the crisis in Ukraine in order to among other things, foster his national appeal across the Russian Federation, represents a clear and present danger to Ukraine and to global security. Moreover, Russian actions under and on the seas, on land and in the skies close to the Nordic and Baltic states as well as in Eastern, Central and Western Europe, threaten to create a non calculable incident at anytime.

China, which has made copious amounts of cash because of stable trade, is running the risk of having that cash flow disappear along with its huge cash reserves, because of its assertions on the South China Sea, which are running amok of International Law.

Bashar al Assad's regime in Syria continues as being the biggest present contributor to instability by facilitating fertile sands for political dissent in the Levant, thus enhancing the rise and expansion of the violent extremist group, the Islamic State, while simultaneously, contributing to stark political rifts in Europe by forcing hundreds of thousands of Syria's displaced onto the continent, which is in transition as it bickers on how best to deal with growing numbers of immigrants from Syria and North Africa.

Myanmar's denial of citizenship to the Rohingya minority threatens the stability of Southeast Asia as emerging economies and nations are forced to deal with increasing numbers of unwanted migrants.

Therefore, world economies could boom again; and world security become stable, if Russian allows Ukraine to realize its aspirations to westernization, democracy and the rule of law. And all of Europe could continue on a path to flourishing and enhancing their dynamic societies, should Vladimir Putin not represent a threat to the security of Europe.

The Islamic State would begin to decline the day Bashar al Assad leaves Damascus. Measurable security would return to Southeast Asia once Myanmar rightfully accords all of its nationals citizenship. And when China adheres to International Law, and not Chinese perceived destiny as the governing principle of the world's seas, stability and prosperity could become abundant.