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On Natural Difficulties to the Continuity of Social Organisms

While social environments have strive for continuity of the social orders, the institutions and the traditions that have shaped and that have given peculiar and distinct identities to their communities, the task of retaining what has historically been the norm, becomes more daunting and difficult overtime.

Natural changes impact all societies and those societies that resist the adaptations needed to cope in modern times become prone to failure. Thus, an inherent difficulty to the continuity of any society, becomes its failure to adapt and to cope to inevitable changes.

From the United States(US) to Great Britain, to Germany, to France, to Canada, to Italy and beyond, all these states over the next decade or so would need to continue adapting to a multitude of changes impacting upon them from immigration, to commerce and trade to rights demands to the dreaded influence of extremists and agitations from non-democratic states.

Clearly, the variable of immigration will factor highly across Europe in the next decade. Nationalism verses a stronger cooperative continental union will also be tested. Moreover, in Great Britain and in Spain, questions as to the independence of parts of these nations will have to be settled. And what is very distinct about these two countries having to confront independence is the paradox that both had been mighty colonial powers in an era now designated to history books.

However, with regards to Great Britain, the balance between a potential rivalry of British nationalism and English nationalism could be tempered by a federal structure that retains English, Welch, Scottish and Irish patriotic allegiance to the British union. And the United Kingdom is quite capable of striking the needed balance to retaining its collective strength as extremism and agitations seek to displace unity and stability across Europe.

In the US, the final frontier to achieving true and cohesive racial equality and treatment under the law, will become a watched task over the next decade. A number of police killings of unarmed minorities over the past year that have led to social unrest, mandates that the US solves any disparities with regards to race.

While France and Canada seek to protect their norms of life in the face of  recent violent and deadly extremist attacks, immigration issues will bear heavily on both nations just as these issues effect Germany and Italy as right wing groups gain some prominence.

Yet, with the present and the forthcoming difficulties, communities that are strong democracies should be able to make the required adaptations required to cope and to emerge stronger over the next decade.