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To Remain Free and Secure Within Free Communities

The notion, the circumstance and the fact that within free societies, there are dwellers given sanctuary, liberty, residency and protection, who plot to harm and to terrorize their community havens of freedom, is absurd and unconscionable.

Hence, these conspirators who plot, who attempt and who carry out any acts of violent terror upon free societies, must be weeded out and punished under the full extent of the law in order that the free could remain free in their free communities.

It is preposterous that any person benefiting from the civility of liberty to want to abuse such freedoms in an attempt to degrade civil community to the disorder and chaos that is the accepted norm among those who seek to radicalize the benefactors of western liberty.

Any western acceptance to living as the non-free or any acceptance to living in fear because of embedded want-to-be terrorists in the midst of free societies, must never be condoned.

The United States(US) Military yesterday raised the terror threat level at all of its installations within the country to "Bravo" - an increased and predictable threat of terrorism. And in doing so, the US Military has underscored and has recognized the potential of a threat from want-to-be terrorists. 

A few days earlier, police in the state of Texas shot dead two want-to-be Jihadists, who allegedly wanted to carryout an assault upon an event taking place at the time. 

Individuals enjoying the rights of freedom carried out a deadly terror attack upon the people of Paris, France, earlier this year. Free people were attacked by terrorists at a museum in Tunisia. From Great Britain, to Belgium, to Germany, to the US, to France, to Canada, to Australia and in other places where free people live, persons lavishing in the graces of liberty have been arrested and charged for credible plots to carryout terror acts against the communities that have nourished them.

Therefore, free communities must accept the onus to protect their liberties to ensure the continuity of freedom, security and serenity over chaos and violence. Thus, all measures to protecting freedom must be employed to retain civil liberty and tranquility in the homes of the free.