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The United Kingdom Votes for Continuity

The people of the United Kingdom(UK) have decided on continuity of their government as voters went to the polls yesterday and retained David Cameron and his Conservative Party as stalwarts of the British tradition.

Despite pre-election polls that showed a neck-and-neck race between the Conservatives and the Labor Party, final voting has handed a clear majority of the 650-seats in the British Parliament to Cameron and his party, which means the party will not have to negotiate a coalition-government with another party.

The BBC-NEWS predicts that the Conservative will carry a total of 331 seats of the 650-Parliament with 635 seats already declared. The Labor Party is projected to carry a disappointing 232 and its leader, Ed Miliband, will step down from the helm of the party. The SNP will win 56 seats - all but three of the total 59-seats in Scotland. And the Liberal Democrats that shared a coalition government with the last Conservative government, will win a mere 8 seats, with Plaid Cymru carrying three seats, the Green Party one seat and the anti-immigration UKIP salvaging but just one seat, although gaining 13 percent of the total electoral vote. Other parties are expected to win a total of 19 seats in the British Parliament.

Thus, with David Cameron's re-election, the people of the UK have in essence voted for continuity despite some reservations regarding the economy, immigration and European Union(EU) membership. 

However, the British vote for continuity could also be seen as an endorsement of the continued membership of the UK in the EU as voters decided on stability and economic well being over all other choices.

Moreover, the fact that the UKIP failed to secure significant representation in the British Parliament, is indicative of the desires of British voters to facilitate a moderate approach and solution to immigrant questions within the Kingdom. However, that the UKIP tallied some 13 percent of the vote underscores the need for responsible and united approaches to issues that will effect the future of the United Kingdom.