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May 2015

On the Immeasurable Sorrow, Pain and Loss of a Father to Bury a Son

Sons are expected to bury their fathers. A father never conceives of ever having to bury his son. Yet, because of war, tragic events and inevitable health afflictions, many fathers -  like many mothers, suffer the immeasurable sorrow, pain and loss of having to bury a son or daughter.

Today, I offer my heartfelt fatherly condolences to United States(US) Vice President Joe Biden, whose son, Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III, 46, died yesterday of brain cancer. I also offer my deepest sympathy to Beau's wife and their two children.

No Solution to the Rohingya Crisis at a Thai Summit

Southeast Asian nations meeting at a summit called by Thailand yesterday to address the ongoing saga of Myanmar's Rohingya refugees and other migrants, failed to find a solution to the humanitarian crisis. The fact that nations affected by the prolonged migration debacle failed to reach a solution to the crisis, should come as no surprise; since as a group, the region has failed to criticize the human rights practices of each other, hence facilitating the circumstances giving rise to the present humanitarian crisis and maybe others to come.

Hunger - an Additional Pang of the Victims of Crises

Crises - conflicts, natural disasters and chronic political instability are contributors to world hunger. And as the globe sadly hosts close to one billion hungry people, it should come as no surprise that 20 percent of the world's total hungry, live in countries facing crises. This revelation was recently made by Stanlake Samkange, an official with the World Food Program as the United Nations(UN) unveiled a report on world hunger in 2015.

That report detailed that 795 million people worldwide do not get enough food to eat and while the total number represented a reduction of 10 million of the total hungry in 2014, it also noted that 20 percent of the still hungry live in countries facing crises and that the number of starving people was increasing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Regarding the Hungry

If the research is true that economic development alone is not sufficient to quench hunger, but that coupled with specific policies to redistribute some wealth including free school meals to the starving, has virtually eliminated hunger in South America, then an international effort to mix economic development with specific policies to aid the poor, should become necessary at this time in order to eliminate worldwide hunger.

The fact that the roll of the hungry worldwide has been reduced by 10 million souls in the last year should be of no comfort to the international community since, sadly, 795 million people still do not have enough to eat.

A Failed State, A Fractured State and an Asserting State - Pangs of the Middle East

It is for certain that the social, political and economic conditions within Syria and within Iraq, have prove to be fertile sands for insurgencies by the asserting nemesis extremist group the Islamic State(IS).  Minus the prevailing circumstances in Syria and Iraq today, there would be solace. But comfort and stability are distant hopes of reality in these ancient lands.

Bashar al Assad's regime in Syria has failed as a government. The regime's war perpetrated upon the Syrian population has claimed more than 200,000 lives and displaced millions of Syrians.

Iraq's Re-Fight for Ramadi and Anbar - Then What?

Iraq's government announced today that it had launched an operation to retake its western province of Anbar, including its capital of Ramadi, from the Islamic State(IS). Iraqi media reported that both Shiite and Sunni paramilitary forces were being used in the operation.

While Iraq's declaration, on the surface, appears to be a brave undertaking by the Iraqi forces to retake its sovereign territory from the nemesis extremist group, questions as to the depth of the commitment of the Iraqi forces to fight the IS, will continue to surface during and after the operation.

That the Meek May Not Have Died in Vain

As more gruesome civility-rattling details of the plight, of the persecution, of the flight, of the imprisonment, of the torture and of the final demise, of many Rohingya people refugees come to light, the International Community that could have done more for these unfortunate stateless and displaced people, must now be charged with the obligation to ensuring that those killed, may not have died in vain.

The bleak circumstance as to the conditions of many Rohingya people continues to be unearthed by Malaysian officials as forensic experts comb through abandoned camps near the Thailand border, where human traffickers -  preying on the desperation of perhaps the world's most vulnerable minority group, kept the solace-seeking refugees jailed in barbed-wire pens that bear signs of torture and eventual death.

On the Preventable Deadly End for Many in Search of Solace - a Home

Malaysian authorities earlier today discovered a series of graves at 17 abandoned camps used by human traffickers to stow away Rohingya people refugees. 

While the total number of corpses contained in the graves is yet to be determined, reports indicated that each grave could contain from one to four bodies. Earlier this month, the Associated Press(AP) reported, Malaysian authorities also unearthed another 30 large graves at similar abandoned human trafficking sites that contained hundreds of bodies near the Thai border.

On the Precarious Security of Non-NATO and Non-EU Ex-Soviet States

There is a saying that epitomizes precarious conditions: "caught between a rock and a hard place". But what best categorizes the precarious security of non-NATO and non-European Union(EU) ex-soviet states, is perhaps: a suspension between the sharp edge of a sickle and the cushion of a continental mat. This must be the rapid pulse-rate security concerns of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

As European nations from the Nordics states, to the Baltic states, to Eastern and to Central Europe and stretching to Western Europe, have worried over security agitations presented by Vladimir Putin's Russia, many states - some former soviet republics, have found assured security under NATO's umbrella.

On the Expansion of the Islamic State within Failing States

If recent insurgencies into Iraq and Syria by the self proclaimed Islamic State(IS) have failed to alarm and to spur the concern of nations from the Middle East to the western hemisphere, then the international community is oblivion as to affairs of reality. 

However, the reality of current affairs indicate that the IS - in the face of failing states, and in places where access to fair redress by grieved people is lacking; the IS will continue to swoop in to violently offer itself as an alternative protector to the offended and to its sympathizers.