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To Dilute Extremism - Fairness, Justice and Equality Must Prevail

That a majority of Americans in a recent CNN/ORC poll considered the Islamic State(IS) a more serious threat to security over nuclear-armed and threatening Russia, China and North Korean, must be indicative of the stark ability of the IS to taint the minds of many want-to-be Jihadists in western communities, bringing fear close to home. 

Thus, the likelihood of witnessing, or even worse, to experience the crude violence of the IS as it has exhibited  in the Levant through brutal be-headings, and the gasping scenarios of caged individuals being burned alive, must be a natural fear of civil western societies.

Moreover, extremists events from France, to Tunisia, to Denmark, to Belgium, coupled with multiple arrests in the United States(US), to Great Britain, to Australia, to France, of plotters of violence against peaceful western societies, underscore a potential threat communities face, thus, the accompanied natural fear.

However, to lessen these fears of western societies from homegrown extremists, it becomes imperative that free societies reinforce their national commitments to fairness, justice and equality, and that they promote existing avenues to redress of grievances within their communities.

An individual should never be allowed to feel compel to fly a crop-duster into an occupied building because of a tax grievance. Neither should an individual be allowed to feel compel to carry out acts of violence against law enforcement because he feels the rights of others have been violated by those charged to protect the said rights.

Hence, fairness, justice and equality, will exterminate extremism. And should western communities continue to promote the unabridged principles of these tenets of democracy, there will be no fear of IS fallible dogma infiltrating sound western cultures.