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On the Protection of the Home Hemisphere and Its Extension to Allies

Many agitations, crises and conflicts abound in the East. Therefore, the Western Hemisphere must be protected from these adverse influences. 

Hence, no effort and/or cost could ever become too big to effect the continued stability and peace of the Home Hemisphere. And this strong security should not be contained, but  be also extended to allies and free friends experiencing mounting agitations from bad actors.

The Nordic states have identified Russia as a threat to Europe. Some Baltic states have concurred the said fear. And across Eastern to Central to Western Europe, fearful nations having evidence of Russian agitations, have begun preparations to safeguard their sovereignty as best they can.

On the East and South China Seas, Chinese aggression - spearheaded by territorial disputes, reef and islet reclamation and construction projects, has become a surer security concern to smaller neighbors with the passing of each day. The Philippines has warned and has called for help in dealing with China. In Japan, its military planes have been scrambled to investigate skirting aircraft some 943 times in 2014, one-time fewer than a record scramble 944 in 1984. Both Chinese and Russian close-fly-bys attribute to most of Japan's responses. 

From Great Britain, to Finland, to Estonia and beyond, Russia's skirting of the territory of others, has brought fear. 

Conflict in Ukraine, wars and crises in the Middle East, and in Africa, along with a deepening refugee problem on the Mediterranean Sea, are all indicative of instability and of the needed protection to maintaining the peace and security of the Home Hemisphere and extending such to allies and friends.