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Sisi's Consolidation of Power Throws Egypt's Future Stability to Chance

An Egyptian Court has meted out yet another death sentence to Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie. The same court also sentenced 13 other senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death and many others to life-imprisonment for inciting chaos and violence from Muslim Brotherhood protests that the Egyptian army, under Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, violent broke up at Rabaa Square, in 2013, when the army killed hundreds of protesters, and eventually rounded up thousands of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and supporters, charging them with a myriad of offenses for protesting the ouster of the Islamist democratically elected President, Mohammed Morsi.

Now president of Egypt since directing the crack down against Muslim Brotherhood protests, and hence, ascending to the leadership, al Sisi has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood which has had a long history as a fixture of Egyptian society. Sisi claims that the Brotherhood which supported the ousted Morsi, represents a major security threat. 

Under Sisi's presidency, thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members and their supporters have been jailed, tried en mass - sometimes in groups of over 800, imprisoned and many sentenced to death. Western and human rights criticisms of Sisi's judiciary practices have not curtailed the push by Sisi to consolidate maximum power in Egypt. Moreover, other liberal opposition groups, rights groups and NGOs have become targets of Sisi's regime.

Thus, Sisi's regime has sought to silent all dissent within Egypt as he consolidates his power over the lands of the Pyramids under the cloak that stability is needed to repair Egypt's faltering economy.

Therefore, I opine that  Sisi's actions to stability inevitably threaten his stated intended purpose. His policy to rule by elimination of opposition is a flawed principle indicative of dictators of a dead era. Societies have progressively changed since the times Hosni Mubarak first led Egypt. 

Sisi will succeed only in forcing opposition groups underground where they will become more sophisticated in their ways and methods in displaying their opposition to his rule.

Moreover, Sisi's courtship of Vladimir Putin in Russia should serve as a rod of apprehension for western nations in dealing with the strategic Egypt. While some cooperation with Egypt is deemed crucial, full support for Sisi's government should never been seen as coming from western nations because of the many rights and democratic questions distorted by Sisi upon his ascension and his execution of power in Egypt.

Sisi's cooperation with money-washed Saudi Arabia in the deepening Yemeni crisis, augurs well for the Egyptian; yet his domestic policy, and his path to the presidency of Egypt, will remain a chained-iron ball attached to his legitimacy and as a  hindrance to any real sustainable stability in the land of the Pharaohs.