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Toward Reassuring the Free of Western Security Protection

In spite of economic sanctions and world crisscrossing diplomacy as remedies to crises and to potential conflicts, the free peoples of the World must be made assured that their security against empire-minded regimes and agitators, stand protected by the stalwarts of democracy, of freedom and of the rule of law.

Hence, it becomes imperative that free peoples do bear witness of the military capability available to their defense, and that such capability remains readily available, and is used immediately should the occasion merit in order to overwhelm all threats to the security of allies. 

In essence, should the security of an ally ever become explicitly defiled, diplomacy and economic sanctions must not be the responses of first resort. Overwhelming military action must become the priority deterrence to blatant attacks upon the sovereignty of allies.

Russian meddling in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin's agitations in eastern Europe stretching to the seas and air off Great Britain in western Europe, are more than sufficient evidence for concern by NATO allies. China's reclamation projects and construction on reefs and rocks on the South China Sea, stand as a security fear to the Philippines and other smaller nations in the region.

So while NATO jets stream across the skies of eastern Europe, and United States(US) armored vehicles traverse the hills and plains of Poland, the West pursues a mission of reassuring allies that their security is protected by the alliance. From Estonia to Latvia to Lithuanian, the alliance seeks to reaffirm its protection of the free peoples.

Yet, faced with the reality of the blight and of the current affairs of Ukraine from Russian meddling, some eastern European countries, mindful of devastation while diplomacy and sanctions take slow a slow effect to deter agitation, have taken to encouraging their citizens to take up military training in defense of their homelands from any aggression to their national sovereignty.

As reported by the Associated Press(AP) earlier today, Polish doctors, shopkeepers, lawmakers and others, are heeding a call by the government to receive military training in case of an invasion from Russia. In Latvia,"There's a real feeling of threat in our society,"  Latvian defense ministry spokeswoman Aija Jakubovska, told the AP.

While most of Europe feel secure under the strong security of the NATO umbrella, unpredictable actions by Russia's Putin, have forced many into a state of preparedness.

However, the fears of Europe need not be. Western nations must respond in kind to any threats to the security of  free peoples. And unlike as in Ukraine, a non-NATO member, overwhelming decisive military action should meet any breech to the sovereignty of allies in Europe or on the East and South China Seas.