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April 2015

The Baltimore Questions and Demands for Answers Transcend the Nation

Overnight protests against police practices that have victimized minorities widened from Baltimore, Maryland, to include New York City, New York; Houston, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Seattle, Washington State; Boston, Massachusetts; and here in Washington, District of Columbia - the nation's capital. And this issue transcending states lines pertaining to the said questions Baltimore City face, indicates the canyoning depth of national concerns over police historical and current actions toward minorities.

Baltimore's Calm - A Resolve to Answers

The sun rose with a crisp pristine yellow hue across a calm Baltimore City, Maryland, this morning. And in the early hours of quiet following a tense time of peaceful protests, illegal looting and burning; the hovering atmosphere seem to usher in a pause of hostilities and a solemn time of wait- and- see, as the City awaits needed answers to questions of police actions, not only with regards to Freddie Gray's death, but also answers demanding a comprehensive accounting and review of police treatment toward minorities across Baltimore and the United States(US).

Baltimore's Caution to a Nation of a Still Unfixed Social Order

Rioting and looting are not accepted forms of civil legal protests. They are secondary, spontaneous and opportunistic effects of the manifestations of under privileged and disenfranchised people reacting to a larger social, economic and political grievance. 

Thus, the criminal acts of looting, burning and rioting across Baltimore City, Maryland, yesterday, and into last night, were in no part sanctioned by the legitimate and the credible ongoing peaceful civil protests by Maryland and national activists, to demand police accountability for yet another death of a minority man in the custody of police.

A Rising death Toll, Severe Damage to a Culture - Nepal's Earthquake Calamity of 2015

The death toll from Saturday's 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal has top 3,617, with some 6,500 people injured, Nepalese authorities are reporting. 

And amidst severe damage and destruction to historic and cultural sites in the country of 28 million, there is a bothersome fear that the human tragedy will increase as search and rescue teams claw and dig their way to rural areas, close to the epicenter of the quake, 50-miles northwest of the capital, Kathmandu.

Heavy rains and more than 100 aftershocks have hindered search and rescue efforts.

Nepal - Your are not Alone, Aid and Comfort have Arrived

The United States(US), India, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, Pakistan and China, have mobilized relief teams and aid to Nepal following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the country early Saturday, killing some 2,220 people thus far and injuring more than 5,000. Other relief efforts are already being coordinated by international organizations including the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Mercy Corps, Doctors Without Borders and others.

But this international effort is only the beginning of what aid Nepal will require to return to some degree of normalcy  following the calamity of this 2015 earthquake.

Disaster in Nepal - Lives and History Crumble Under the Forces of Nature

An earthquake measured at 7.8 struck Nepal earlier today killing at least  718 people, according to early reports, and crumbling centuries-old buildings in the south Asian nation of 27.8 million.

Early reports put the death toll at 688 in Nepal alone including 181 in the capital, Kathmandu; 20 across the border in Indian, six in Tibet, two in Bangladesh and two at the Chinese border. The number of deaths is expected to increase. The powerful 7.8 earthquake was also felt in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and China.

To Dilute Extremism - Fairness, Justice and Equality Must Prevail

That a majority of Americans in a recent CNN/ORC poll considered the Islamic State(IS) a more serious threat to security over nuclear-armed and threatening Russia, China and North Korean, must be indicative of the stark ability of the IS to taint the minds of many want-to-be Jihadists in western communities, bringing fear close to home. 

Thus, the likelihood of witnessing, or even worse, to experience the crude violence of the IS as it has exhibited  in the Levant through brutal be-headings, and the gasping scenarios of caged individuals being burned alive, must be a natural fear of civil western societies.

The IS, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea - the Sum of Global Threats

A CNN/ORC poll released yesterday, found that 68 percent of Americans, view the Islamic State(IS) as a very serious threat, compared to 39 percent for Iran, 32 percent for North Korea, 25 percent for Russia and 18 percent for China.

And what is especially alarming about the poll's findings, is that the two top threats picked by Americans, do not possess nuclear weapons. The IS, thank God, does not possess a nuclear weapon, neither does Iran.

Hence, with regards to the IS, the sheer violence and brutality of its publicized be-headings, along with its sudden growth and expansion as a non-state, along with its mystical and incomprehensible lure of many western and Arab youths, might account for the terror group's high fear among Americans.

A Solution to the Syrian War is the Only Viable Way to Ending the Refugee Crisis

That the Syrian war -  waged by Bashar al Assad, "has produced the most compelling humanitarian challenge of the 21st century", is underscored  in the dramatic numbers of 12.2 million people forced into need of humanitarian assistance, and further complicated by another 3.9 million people being refugee and another 7.6 million people internally displaced in Syria, is undoubtedly a testament of a sickening and deepening event that should not be taking place in this modern era.

As a direct effect of Assad's war, Syria's neighbors are placed under undue pressure to host millions of refugees -  a task that is stretching the economic, social and political elasticity of these neighbors, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Egypt's Evolving Reciprocal Cycle of Power and Vengence

An Egyptian court earlier today sentenced that country's first freely elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, to twenty-years in jail over the killing of protesters. 

The ousted president's sentence, along with that of his 12 co-defendant Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Islamists, were connected to the December, 2012, deaths of ten anti-Morsi protesters. Morsi supporters allegedly attacked opposition demonstrators outside the Presidential Palace.

Mori's government was subsequently ousted from power in 2013 by now President Sisi's army.