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A Future-Shaping Era of Increasing Conflicts

Conflicts in the Middle East and in Africa, festering issues in Asia, a crisis and growing agitations in Europe, and a couple of developing hot spots in the Americas, are all indicative of an era of increasing conflicts that stand to shape the future of the World.

And in light of these circumstances, there are basic premises, once identified, that hold the answers to why global peace is unattainable. 

As long as there is at least one displaced person, there cannot be peace. As long as at least one person is denied redress to a grievance, there can never be peace. As long as there is but one incident of the denial of a person's natural rights, there can never be peace. As long as cases of historical wrongs are not admitted and appropriate reparations paid, there could never be peace. And as long as one sect, or group or class, remains non-tolerate of another or seeks domination of another, there can never be peace.

So while a conflict of alleged proxy develops in Yemen; as Bashar al Assad's regime continues to displace and to kill Syria's children and people; as the Islamic State(IS) terrorizes the Levant and exports its fallible dogma; as Vladimir Putin stands in the way of the aspirations of Ukraine and stirs agitation across Europe; as the children of Africa are kidnapped and forced into religious indoctrination; as China stretches its arms across most of the South China Sea; as lay people remain restricted by regimes from Hong Kong to Myanmar to Thailand; and as Nicolas Maduro opens up the Americas to conflict in Venezuela, tomorrow's World is being crafted from a non scripted blueprint. Thus, the final product remains frightfully unknown. Of such is the state of affairs of the World, March 2015.