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Toward the Removal of Practices to Abridge the Rights and the Aspirations of the People

Why is it that some governments restrict the inherent rights of their people and are still able to maintain rule over the people? Conversely, why do some regimes stand in the way of the free aspirations of their own people and other people across borders and are yet able to maintain power in the process? 

Simply, these authoritarian governments from Moscow to Beijing, to Damascus, to Bangkok, to Naypyidaw, to Pyongyang, to Harare, to Caracas and elsewhere, have been able, through the restriction of fundamental rights, to dupe their populations into accepting historical mediocre attitudes of their true worth. 

To strengthen their strangles upon their people, these authoritarians rely upon a fear imparted upon their people of consequences to demanding justice, equality and opportunity. Thus, alleged law breakers of bad laws within these authoritarian states, are punished severely and their relatives and associates are shunned and marked for any signs of demands of fairness so that they too could be punished unconscionably. This has been the norm under Vladimir Putin in Russia as well as the same practice under successive leaders in China, Myanmar and North Korea.

Moreover, these authoritarians seek to suppress others outside of their borders out of fear that freed people within close proximity could encourage those within their borders to become free.

Putin's attempts to rip the spirit of westernization out of the soul of the Ukrainian people is having a devastating effect upon the vibrant people of Kiev, Lviv and elsewhere across Ukraine. China's attempts to stifle the democratic aspirations of the youth of Hong Kong is a deliberate action meant to ensure no Chinese within the mainland harbor any thoughts of freedom. 

Conversely, the North Korean leader demands his status as supreme while the rights of his people are thrown into the kennels with the dogs. In Thailand a military government has suppressed most freedoms of the people. In Venezuela, a paranoid Nicolas Maduro, continues to sideline the rights of his people in order to retain power. And in Zimbabwe, an aging Robert Mugabe, abridges the rights of his people to ensure his connection to the seat of power of that African nation until his death. In Syria, 220,000 people have died in four years as Bashar al Assad's regime commits crimes against humanity in holding onto power in the Levant.

But the youths of the world are awakening to the fact that they are the vanguard of all change in societies; and wherever restrictions remain upon the human spirit and upon the rights of the people in realizing their full aspirations, many people will continue to face death in defiance of domination by a few with a view to removing the practices of abridging the rights and the aspirations of all the people.