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A Division is Growing in the European Union

Europe's economic stability and wealth is within the European Union(EU). Its security is firmly established in the North Atlantic Treat Organization(NATO). 

However, economic concerns exacerbated by tough austerity measures resisted by some governments and many people -  coupled with political differences and preferences of some members, threaten to weaken the union. Immigration issues are also placing undue pressure upon the union. Hence a division of differences is growing within the EU.

While the EU might not admit, austerity policies imposed on Greece threatens the continuation of Greece within the union. And on the other hand, the seeming political preferences of the President of Hungary could also direct Hungary away from the union and into the sphere of Vladimir Putin's Russia. The United Kingdom(UK) will at some point hold a referendum on its continued membership in the union. And across Europe, anti union political parties are gaining strength.

The new Greek government came to power on a mandate to fix the country's self-restrictive austerity measures which place fiscal pressure on social programs evolving governments need to satisfy the expectations of their people. Ireland, Spain and Portugal have similar issues. 

Upset that the EU might not bend on a restructure of Greek debt, the new Greek government said it would financing elsewhere naming the United States(US), China or Russia as sources. China quickly dismissed that any offers to the Greeks existed. Russia said it would consider help to Greece if it was asked.

Negotiations have been ongoing between Greece and the EU on Greek debt. And signs of a growing division in the EU were aggravated yesterday with the proclamation by the EU financial affairs chief Pierre Moscovici, that there will be no debt relief for Greece.

"Debt has to be repaid - that's clear. Debt cannot be wiped out. There will be no haircut, no debt relief," Reuters quoted the financial chief as saying during a speech in Berlin, Germany.

And to underscore the growing division within the EU, a Greek government official confirmed earlier this morning that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, will meet with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Moscow, on April 8. Reuters reported that the Greek government had previously said Putin had invited Tsipras to Moscow on May 9. Thus speculation swirls that Greece might look for financing from Russia to stave off bankruptcy, thus undercutting and splintering the EU. Athens has rejected speculation over a possible Russian money hunt.

Yet, developing issues point to a growing division within the EU with Greece at the fore.