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The Compromise of the Principles of Freedom and of Democracy for the Sake of Economics

The British Treasury, as reported by the Associated Press(AP), said on Thursday that it will join a proposed Chinese-led Asian regional bank which existence threatens to undercut established western institutions like the World Bank.

And with that seemingly innocent proclamation, Britain, has in essence, endorsed the compromise of the principles of freedom and of democracy by sanctioning a communist-created institution by a known and established violator of human rights and of freedoms. 

Hence, while other factors are blamed for the increase in disturbing reports of western youths leaving their apparent safe homes to venture to join militants fighting in the Middle East, I opine here, that  youths are leaving because they have deemed that their governments have sold the principles of freedom and of democracy and of humanity, for dollars, euros and pounds to known violators of the said principles and tenets their governments once claimed as ideals.

Furthermore, should western democratic governments continue upon the fallible trend of seeming to sell away the principles they have taught their young people, I opine that confused youths will become radicalized in even larger numbers. And at some point in the not too distant future, not only will these governments be faced with a greater enriched ideological foe, they will also have to contend with growing domestic groups of distrusted citizens on the streets of their often ritzy and pristine communities.

Britain's intent to be a founding member of the China-created Asian Infrastructural Bank under the explanation that its membership would try to ensure the bank "embodies the best standards in accountability, transparency and governance", as offered by British Finance Minister George Osborne, amounts to a betrayal of the tenets of democracy by entering yet another pact with China, which recently added the detaining of feminists intent on simply educating about sexual harassment, to its long and growing list of human rights violations and denials of freedom of speech.

Yet, Britain reasons that despite China's violations, joining the bank "will create a unrivaled opportunity for the UK and Asia to invest and grow together." Grow together?

But what of the British Foreign Affairs Committee's recent report on Hong Kong that suggested the British government take a harder line with Beijing? Apparently naught. How could Britain take a harder line with the Beijing communists now that the British Treasury has opted to plunge deeper into bed with China? 

Western youths are more attentive to international affairs today than of times past. And with each and every action by their governments in respect to the principles of freedom, of democracy and of humanity, youths are taking note. Western governments will now have to account more for all actions seeming to go against the learned ideals of western civilization.