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When the Term of Rational Respect of Peoples Yields to a Time of Hawkish Reactionaries

Undoubtedly, the last decade has been a testy term - a time, when the resilience of humanity was tested over and over. From the financial meltdown of pre-2009 to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to crises in Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, South Sudan and Central African Republic, to a health tragedy in western Africa, to democratic aspirations in Hong Kong, to aggression on the South China Sea and to the rise of the Islamic State(IS), civility has been questioned.

With any of the particular issues posing a serious threat of bursting into a global event with adverse effects, humanity has emerged onto 2015 - though sustaining some of the prior threats, still in tact because of rational respect and restraint to armed conflicts exhibited by the United States(US), France, the United Kingdom(UK), Germany and a few others. Diplomacy and economic sanctions have taken priority over the policy of war so easily demonstrated at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one.

The US and many European economies have rebounded from fearful stress. Though some hiccups in the economic, social and political order still remain, the confidence of many nations remains overwhelming high today compared to the pre-2008 period.

Sanctions rather than war have been imposed on Russia for its actions in Ukraine. Diplomacy has kept hopeful a peaceful solution to a nuclear issue in Iran and it has also helped to win a fragile peace to an Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza along with other ceasefires in conflicts elsewhere.

And while some crises and issues remain unsolved including the bloody Syrian war, Ukraine aspirations, democratic reforms in Hong Kong and an International  solution to disputes on the South China Sea, the World is not at war on March 12, 2015.

However, this term of rational respect of peoples and of diplomacy rather than war will not last forever. It will be replaced by a hawkish time dominated by reactionaries not prone to patience, respect and rational thought like the stalwart leaders of today. Conflict will become more common place. Extremism and geo-political issues will dominate the days. And then, of these times we now enjoy, a resounding appreciation will be accorded; but sadly, memories will be all that are left in the turbulent times to come.