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New Airline Passenger Laws are not Sufficient to Stem the Lure to Jihad

Britain will introduce new laws tomorrow to prevent Airlines from carrying passengers traveling to join the Islamic State(IS) in Syria and Iraq.

The new laws,  if nothing else, confirm that within Britain, as in many other Western nations, there is a problem with restless and disengaged youth, willing to trade their accustomed freedoms for fallible glory and possible death in the sands of the Levant.

And while the proposed laws would emphasize the criminality of acts to travel for Jihad, the mindset of youths are impossible to be lawed away. 

The new laws would enable the Home Secretary in Britain to prevent Airlines from carrying passengers including children, believed to be traveling to take part in "terrorism-related activity," Reuters reported yesterday. The new rules would force Airlines to get permission to carry such passengers. And an automatic system of passenger lists provided by the Airlines would alert authorities of high-risk flyers and prevent them from boarding aircraft.

"This important legislation will disrupt the ability of people to travel abroad to fight and then return," Reuters quoted James Brokenshire, junior Minister for security in Britain. He added: "It will also enhance our ability to monitor and control the actions of those who pose a threat."

Three British teen school girls recently followed a fourth in flying to Syria via Turkey to join militants in the Levant as Prime Minister David Cameron urged Internet providers to do more to combat online extremism.

But new laws restricting Airline passengers and calls for Internet services to censor online sites, are not sufficient to change the attitudes of Western and Arab youths joining militants in the Levant. The root cause that attracts youths to extremism lies in the communities of each and everyone that has ventured to Jihad. The individual communities from which each Jihadist want-to-be has come, have failed to bestow an yielding sense of patriotism and of community health and inclusiveness upon their youth.

Thus, communities and nations could continue to attempt to censor and to legislate away a troubling number of exits by their youths to extremism, but the trend would never end via such wished means. The reclamation of youths is established in the senses of patriotism, of duty, of responsibility and of community building that societies are able to engage with partnered with their young people.