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Lessons From the Cold War with Modern Applications and Implications

A facet of the Cold War was the clear identification of nation friends, of nation foes and of nation neutrals. While the Cold War supposedly raised the likelihood of a nuclear event, friendly nations prospered as they affirmed their alliance and mutual security as a single unit of cooperation that yielded economic wealth and learned societies.

Socio-economic and political enlightenment, development and the cooperation between Western nations raised the standard of living for millions from Europe, Asia and Africa to the Americas. In the east, bread lines and starvation were common place during the Cold War from Russia to China. 

In admittance that their ideological stances stunted the growth of their well beings, ideologically different China and Russia joined the ranks of capitalists on the Global market of trade while retaining restrictive social policies at home. Both have made billions of dollars. Now, having been enriched, both have regressed to inferred policies that represent clear threats to the same Western ideologies that have enriched them. Russian and Chinese actions of aggression will undermine the basic tenets that have maintained the West.

Since the courtship and the admittance of these ideologically different states into the capitalist economic machine of trade and commerce, a clash of political differences has emerged having a potential to deepen, thus, descending our times into a condition that parallels the Cold War.

The implications from fracture from these newly enriched ideologically different states pose an even greater security threat to the West today than during the Cold War. Insistent ideologically different states are now wealthy possessing state-of-the-art weaponry and modernizing armies. Widening Worldwide spheres of influence have been carved out by these state while cloaked under partnerships and associations with the West.

That these states have become more formidable and have clearly indicated their non-conformation to the ideals of modern civil society - of freedom, of equality and of the rule of law - of democracy; it now becomes necessary  that the West utilizes the identification schemes and lessons of the Cold War in order to contain growing security threats to Western civilization and interests.

Great Britain recently joined the enlightened few of Europe in identifying Vladimir Putin's Russia as a threat to Global security. The Philippines has for sometime been blaring the trumpet of alarm over China's assertions on the South China Sea. The World has heard the erratic threats from a nuclear-armed North Korea.

Yet, day after day, overt Western measures remain invisible to countering the rise and spread of insistent ideologically different states from expanding illusions of empire and dominance and the advocacy of authoritarians seeking abridged human rights.