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On Rational Patience and Modern Civility that have Thwarted World War

Very soon, an elite group with ambitions of power and of leadership, will emerge - some re-emerging, onto the international stage to seek the most difficult job in the World as President of the United States of America.

Campaigning to win more votes than the other from the United States(US) electorate in the 2016 Presidential Election, candidates will undoubtedly raise international events as a hot topic to shaping the foreign policy of the 45th President of the United States. Russia, Ukraine, China and Syria will figure highly.

In the discussions and the debates that will eventually set America's course for the four-years post 2016, one essential fact could be overlooked by candidates: That the World is not at war augurs highly of the rational patience and the respect of modern civility and of peoples by President Barack Obama in his tenure at the oval Office.

Some candidates and potential candidates could claim from as early as later today that 'Red Lines' are non-retractable and that bombs should supersede eleventh-hour diplomatic amelioration to conflicts. Yet, some will fail admittance that not one US Service Personnel has perished in Syria thus far.

Arguments will circulate that a tougher US policy toward Russia should have been implemented for Vladimir Putin's meddling in Ukraine. Yet, some candidates will fail to mention that a new democratic government sits in Kiev today which aspires to the rule of law and for closer ties to the European Union(EU) and away from Russian domination.

Criticisms from candidates that China has become too aggressive on the East and South China Seas will have failed to take into account US re-affirmation of the defense of allies in Asia.

Accusations that the Islamic State(IS) and other extremist groups have flourished could only be understood once the socio-economic and political atmosphere and history of the Levant and other places are considered.

Yet, there are conflicts. But the world is not at war as it could very well be. Humanity regretting buttons have not been pushed. And despite the rhetoric of critics, President Obama has rendered a rational, patient, civil and respectful leadership of international affairs. Diplomacy has outweighed the guns.

Those with whom the President has established partnerships in advancing global security and stability could attest to his virtuous cooperation and support. Those who have resisted his civil overtures will come to respect this 44th President even more once they have faced his successor. By then, however, the age of diplomatic reasoning would have ran its full course. Thus, a new era will dawn against a background of recent memories of peaceful persuasions through negotiations.