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To Delay the Inevitable is to Confront a Greater Issue Tomorrow

The free international community is confronted by serious issues to which its answers have been to deal with them in part while sweeping the crux of the issues under the mat until a later time, or left to wishful thinking that these issues would just go away or solve themselves. 

A few of these issues are the Ukraine crisis and the violent rise and events of extremist groups like the Islamic State(IS) and Boko Haram.

With regards the Ukraine crisis, economic sanctions, imposed upon Vladimir Putin's Russia for its support of rebels wrecking havoc upon Ukraine even in the face of a ceasefire agreement, have not deterred Putin from doing as he pleases within Ukraine. Stiffer sanctions and the possibility of arming the Ukraine army have been rebuffed by some in Europe because of some bad economic effects some might suffer because of lost of trade with Russia. Germany and others believe that arming Ukraine would lead to more violence in the crisis even as violence increases during a ceasefire without western arms.

Decisive action to end Ukraine's crisis has been delayed and based upon the ongoing violence even during the ceasefire, eventually, a greater issue will emerge in Ukraine that would dwarf that of yesterday and today because the free international community has failed to isolate Russia.

If anyone believes that just dropping bombs from sky will destroy the IS, then that person must be drinking a specially-spiked kool-aid. This group will not be reduced until it is directly confronted in combat. To delay the inevitable that is required to defeat this group amounts to a mere push of this fact from today to tomorrow.

In Africa, the African Union and countries like Chad that have designated money and boots to directly confront Boko Haram, stand a much better chance of success in defeating this extremist group that has killed many and kidnapped hundreds of young girls.

Simply put, the free international community will have to address issues directly and decisively  despite any similarities these solutions might have to the Cold War. And if there is a Cold War, then it could easily be ascertain who are allies and who are foes.