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Ukraine's Ceasefire Could be another Hoax of Peace

For the young people of Ukraine, who huddled on the Maidan two winters ago against the harsh elements of nature and against violence and death from a Moscow-backed tyrant, to demonstrate their aspirations to westernization and to be free of Russian influence, peace is deserving. 

Yet, the sum of separation by pro-Russian rebels and of empire ambitions by Vladimir Putin, stand in the way of Ukraine's realization to sovereign stability and to peace.

A second ceasefire agreement between Russia and its sponsored rebels in Ukraine's east, signed with Ukraine's Kiev government last week at Minsk, Belarus, which took effect earlier today, appears to be holding in general. But in reality, that peace is as fragile as a calcium-starved bone. 

And though the optimists of peace including the mission chief of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe(OSCE), have claimed that last night's ceasefire was largely being observed, reports have surfaced of continued fighting after the ceasefire took effect. OSCE Mission Chief Ertugrual Apakan has been cited in a Reuters report as confirming fighting in Luhansk and Debaltseve. 

Moreover, as indicative of the fragility of the peace in Ukraine, the OSCE chief also confirmed that pro-Russian rebels have refused to allow OSCE monitors into the town of Debaltseve. OSCE monitors have been held captive by separatists previously in the Ukraine conflict.

Furthermore, Russian backed rebels have disavowed a ceasefire in and around the town of Debaltseve. Rebels have rendered unto the ceasefire their own interpretation of where and when peace could be observed.

Thus, Ukraine's much anticipated and desired ceasefire is in danger of becoming yet another hoax to peace and to becoming another ploy by Russian backed rebels to seize more territory in Ukraine on behalf of Putin's empire building dreams.