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The Threat from Extremism is Affirmed as a Global Problem

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities..." Voltaire.

That the Islamic State(IS) group has killed a second Japanese hostage and has already, perhaps, also killed a Jordanian pilot held hostage along with prior killings of Americans and British nationals, is more than sufficient evidence of the fact that violent extremism based upon fallible dogma is a real and a widening threat to humanity and to civilization.

Thus when United States(US) President Barack Obama hosts a world security summit here in Washington, DC later this month, a concerted unanimous exacting plan to eliminate threats from extremism should figure highly on the summit's agenda. 

Global fears of having to live under a cloak of uncertainty and instability because of possible actions by the IS and other extremists against nation states and/or their nationals, must be eradicated. The continuity of the human race as a system of peace and harmony and progress should not be held hostage by any threat of terror. 

That the IS and other terror groups have been able to influence so many youths to believe tainted absurdities of extremist doctrines to commit atrocities based upon fallible teachings, affirms the gravity of the dangers extremism poses to the existence of civilization.

And in reaction to curd the widening dangers pose by extremism, the US Congress should enhance the authority President Obama seeks to address this global crisis in spite of cost and the possibility of needed boots on the ground.