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February 2015

Fallen in Moscow: A Key Opposition Figure of Putin's Agenda

Boris Nemtsov, 55, an outspoken Russian Opposition leader of Vladimir Putin's war agenda in Ukraine, was gunned down and killed - shot four times in the back, just steps outside the Kremlin, last night,  less then 48-hours before he was to lead an anti-Ukraine war rally in Moscow on Sunday.

Nemtsov, who was quoted recently as saying he was concerned that Russian President Putin might want him dead over his opposition to the war in Ukraine, was shot and killed as he walked across the Great Moskvoretsky Bridge over the Moskva River in Moscow.

The Sum of Enriching Nations of Ideological Differences - Embolden Units of Insecurity

Both China and Russia have benefited considerably from courtships of cooperation with Western powers. Ideologically different and often blatantly obstructive to Western culture and norms, both China and Russia continue to reap large economic benefits based upon their dealings with Western nations. 

Now that both China and Russia have large reserves of cash and widening spheres of influences within which they both advance and advocate non-western ideology, how will the West counter?

Russia's meddling in Ukraine is but one of the embolden examples of Russia stretching its might to effect a sphere of non-Western influence.

Issues of Sovereignty are Confirmed on the South China Sea

With evidence of a sliver of peace in Ukraine now that Russian-backed rebels are retracting their heavy weapons from the front line of that conflict as part of a ceasefire agreement and ahead of International talks on possible further sanctions on Russia for meddling in the former soviet republic, another area of instability has now been opened by China as its state-sanctioned media confirms that the communists are involved in large scale land reclamation projects on disputed isles on the South China Sea.

On the Protection of the People

The failure of the International community to win peace in the Levant, the continuance of Bashar al Assad in Damascus, the tribulations of millions of displaced peoples, the lure of the Islamic Sate(IS) by young Westerners and Arabs, the on-again-off-again ceasefires in Ukraine along with the troubling Boko Haram violence in Africa, all represent clear and present dangers to millions of people worldwide.

Hence, the question emerges as to what institutions and countries could protect the people? Since efforts by the United Nations(UN) have failed to bring peace to Syria after both Russia and China vetoed resolutions intended for that purpose, then what safeguards are left to the people?

A Sad British Tale of the Bedroom Radicalization of Three Girls

British and Turkish officials along with the families of three girls - ages 15 and 16, are frantically trying to locate the teenagers who left London last week for Turkey to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State(IS). 

The tale of these three young women is generating a lot of attention in Britain where authorities are engaged in finger pointing blame of the police, an airline, the Turkish Embassy in London and social media sites, with Prime Minister David Cameron suggesting that online services need to do more to combat extremism on the web.

All's Not Quiet on the Eastern Front in Ukraine

Peace and freedom come with a price. Though presumed as inalienable rights, they are never easily won or achieved. Yet, to accomplish them, nationalities and peoples throughout the advent of human history, have had to fight and render heart wrenching sacrifices. 

The young Ukrainians who demonstrated their aspirations at the Maidan two winters ago for peace, the rule of law, democracy and freedom from Russian domination, are still seeking realization of their dreams. Three ceasefire agreements between the Kiev government and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine have failed to win a peace.

With an Established Deeper Crawl into Ukraine, pro-Russian Rebels Agree to Some Aspects of Peace

Rebel commander Eduard Basurin of the pro-Russian separatist forces fighting in east Ukraine has said that beginning today, the rebels will start a two-week process of removing heavy weapons from the front line in Ukraine, Reuters reports this morning. This action is part of the required Minsk II ceasefire agreement signed between the rebels, the Ukraine government and Russia.

However, for the pro-Russian separatists, to honor this portion of the ceasefire agreement is most fitting at this time since they have gained additional territory while fighting under a ceasefire.

A Fading Opportunity to Curtail Russian Aggression in Ukraine

While Western nations fret and warn Russia over its meddling in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin backed pro-Russian forces have taken more Ukrainian territory under a ceasefire and have set their arms on larger swaths of Ukraine, as the international community appear impotent to solve yet another conflict through diplomacy.

Not that diplomacy is ineffective. But peaceful persuasion through negotiations appear to work only upon the rational and the fair, and thus far, Vladimir Putin's dealings in Ukraine have been far from any of these.

Of Our Times: Seeds of Agitations for Tomorrow

Many beauty contestants over the years have had the best of all aspirations when they named world peace as a major wish for humankind. Most people concur. Yet, with the passing of each day, even though some signs of international peace might pop up from time to time, reality holds that the elusive aspiration of world peace, will remain as just a hope for humanity.

The events of Russian-backed separatists wrecking havoc upon a ceasefire in Ukraine is the realty of the difference between dreams and facts.

The Rapid Deferment of Dreams to Westernization in Ukraine

The yearning faces of hope of the tens of thousands of Ukrainian youth who amassed at the Maidan two winters ago - braving the natural elements and violence from a Russian backed tyrant, to demonstrate their dreams of westernization and a divorce from Russia, were touching.

Sadly, today those faces have very much disappeared from the scenes of the embattled nation and have been replaced by Russian-backed separatists carving out larger swaths of Ukrainian territory to add to Vladimir Putin's sphere of influence.