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On Patriotism as a Natural Follower to the Privilege of Citizenship

From Paris, to Detroit, to Berlin, to Amsterdam, to London, to Stockholm; open doors to the privilege of citizenship has been extended to millions of immigrants for many decades. Displaced by conflict, religious limitation or economic hardship, immigrants have often found new homes in lands that offer freedom and opportunity to better the social condition of the individual.

Many new immigrants to these lands readily, or hesitantly at times, accept and embrace the new norms and assimilation within their new homes. They swear oath and voluntarily offer to defend the stable sovereignty of their new countries. They respect the systems and institutions of their host nations. Many times they devote their lives with deeds of appreciation to their accepted lands.

Yet, from time to time, and perhaps too often these days, the World witnesses events similar to that of Paris, France, earlier this week and still unfolding, when unpatriotic, selfish unappreciative scoundrels, born of immigrants or immigrants themselves, could take it upon themselves to scar the decent hard-working legacy of their forerunners, thus casting  future doubt upon the acceptance of deserving others needing to follow in search of freedom and opportunity. 

Hence, it remains the responsibility of each and every immigrant to impart upon themselves and their charges a strong unwavering sense of patriotism. A profound duty of patriotism is needed to counter radicalization of those vulnerable to rabid teachings by preachers who stink the same atmosphere within which they live. Patriotism must be a natural follower to the privilege of citizenship. With every expected right, there are pre-requisite responsibilities.