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To Free the Not Free in 2015

Of free men and women, of not free men and women, how will your fates be determined in 2015?  While conventional wisdom suggests the status-quo will hold in 2015, as it has in 2014, and all the prior years, I have a sense that a whole heck of challenges to the way things are will emerge in 2015, especially from those men and women not free. 

Of free men and women, most now enjoy  representative freedom within their democratic systems that accord the privileges to steer much of their destinies. This fortunate group in the United States(US), France, the United Kingdom(UK), Germany, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and a few other nations, will enjoy continuity toward their paths to prosperity in 2015.

On the other hand, of the men and women not free from China to Russia to Syria to Thailand to Myanmar, to South Sudan to North Korea to Hong Kong among others, 2015 will bring special challenges, yet manifestations to be free will be very much in evident. 

Freedom is special. It is best enjoyed and exemplified within democratic systems. Though not Utopian, democracy remains humankind's best form of government by the people for all the people. Other systems that have thwarted the aspirations of many to be free are apparatus in need of change. 

As freedom activists Xu Zhiyong, Ilham Tohti and students are jailed in China for simply asking considerations of liberties, it underscores the deep audacity and courage on the part of people to stand up against behemoth non-democratic systems to demand liberty. When opposition figures in Russia risk sure-imprisonment by questioning Putin's agenda, that too underscores the natural inclination of men and women to be free. When thousands of high school and university students mustered the courage and the will to be free and demonstrated for freedom in the streets of Hong Kong for many weeks, such actions also, underscore the human thirst to be free. 

It is to freedom that must be the rallying call in 2015. To those not free, be free.The right of all people to be free must be respected and supported in 2015.