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The World in 2015 - the United States of America

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, United States(US) President Barack Obama will re-affirm to the nation that the State of the Union is strong. It is strong, and it will continue being strong beyond 2015.

Yet, within the State of the Union, serious concerns remain regarding equal protection under the law for minorities. A sequence of events involving white police officers shooting to death unarmed Black men and youth, has called upon the US to address and to bridge the final frontier of race relations at home in 2015. 

Protests demanding action and an end to the perceived racist practices by some police departments have touched New York City, New York; Ferguson, Missouri; Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles, California; Boston, Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; Washington, DC; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; Miami, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia among places. 

The voices of protests of injustice represent a clear kaleidoscope of American society. And while the US Justice Department has initiated investigations into some of the events, protest continue across the US thus underscoring the immediate need for review of the practices, operations and hiring at police departments.

The critical need in 2015 for final remedy to the race question in America is underscored by an embarrassing urge in 2014 to the US from the United Nations(UN)   to stop police brutality. Moreover, that established human rights abusers Russia, China and North Korea were accorded an opportunity to criticize American "hypocrisy" because of the unarmed shootings, lends more urgency for the US to ensure similar incidents are not repeated in 2015.

With established systems of justice bearing components to redress, the American democracy has the capacity in 2015 to right the ugly racial events of yore.

The incoming 114th Congress in 2015 that gives Republicans control of both chambers of the US Legislature, has the responsibility of working with President Obama on ensuring America's role in the world. To this end, the 114th Congress should never adopt any self-isolationist ideas to America's world-wide presence in this era of significant prospective global growth. National debate over the Smith of the Keynesian side of applied economics should not render as dormant the work of the people by the people in Congress.

With the war completed in Afghanistan, in 2015 the US should look to stabilize the Middle East Region. Operations against the Islamic State(IS) will continue as Turkey is prodded to take a more active role. The Syrian question as to the prolonged destabilizing rule of Bashar al Assad, will have to be answered in 2015. 

Security cooperation with Egypt should be guarded in light of Egypt's mass jailing of dissenters and journalists. 

US established support for Israel will remain unwavering in 2015 and new leadership in the Jewish State with a flexible willingness toward territorial issues would definitely contribute to the stability of the region.

Insistence that Iran not possess nuclear weapons while monitoring affairs in Libya and providing assistance to Jordan and Lebanon should be part of US policy in 2015.

Support for NATO's security of Europe and encouragement of the democratic will of the people of Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, should remain a rallying cry of the US in 2015. Russia's self defeatist regressive agenda and path taken will also remain in focus by the US in 2015.

The Pivot to Asia should become enhanced in 2015. China's agreed upon carbon footprint reduction plan and its behemoth trade with the West, should not be allowed to confute nor to confuse gross violations of human rights in China, the aspirations of Honk Kong and the determination of Taiwan. 

Furthermore, US allies on the East and South China Seas could be assured of security protection in 2015.

Efforts to power Africa and to provide electricity to millions of un-lit Africans are sound investments the US will continue to make in 2015 along with assistance to win the war on the Ebola Virus epidemic.

Normalizing of relations with Cuba could bring unprecedented stability to the Western Hemisphere in 2015, yet matters that could threatened US security could fester in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia or Ecuador. 

In 2015, the US economy will continue its recovery from the economic meltdown of 2008. Job growth and creation will continue. And to further strengthen the economy, considerations to corporate residencies could be reformed.

The United States of America will keep the beacon of hope, justice, freedom and democracy aglow in 2015. As it has for many years, America will continue to be that land of the free and of the brave. From Lady Liberty in New York City, to the streets of diplomatic cooperation in Washington, DC, to the dreams of the silver screen in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California, to the ruggedness of Alaska and Texas, to the beaches of Florida and South Carolina and to the education of Cambridge, Massachusetts and New Haven, Connecticut; the American spirit will be alive and flourishing in 2015.