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The World in 2015 - Canada and Mexico

Canada and Mexico have major roles to fulfill toward the security and the stability of the Western Hemisphere and of the World in general. And with these obligations, Canada and Mexico will continue to make some needed reforms toward the continuity of peace and tranquility, north and south of the United States(US) border in 2015. 

Yet, as with any task involving security, the duties charged to Canada and Mexico could prove difficult at times as they both weigh traditions and accepted norms against the needed reforms to promote public safety, national serenity and global stability. Henceforth, some traditions in both countries will have to yield to overall security in 2015. And once the major issue of  security is categorized as paramount over most others, Canada and Mexico could weather 2015 very well.


The majestic Yukon and the rest of Canada's pristine temperate lands paint a picture of tranquility that is characteristically Canadian. But a couple of violent events in 2014, with the latest and most shocking being a shooting at the Canadian Parliament, have threatened the  calm of Canada. Canada in 2015 will rethink and retool the slack security they have employed as a norm at public places and beyond. 

Moreover, in 2015, Canada should take a second look at its immigration policy with a view to adding more restricting criteria to its residency requirement beyond the holding of some master degrees. Also, a more extensive vetting process could be rendered to entering refugees. 

Canada's vast natural resources will continue to sustain its economy in 2015 and the country's International Trade Organization(ITO) concerns with China will return favorably. 

Sound management of Canada's natural resources will be questioned in 2015 as environmentalists insist on eco-friendly practices over investment profits of production from the Earth and the forests. As mentioned back in 2013, Canada must hedge against yielding control of its natural resources in 2015 to actors from the east.

Canada will most noticeably undertake security reforms in 2015 and though they will deviate from the norms of yore, the security reforms will not be draconian enough to merit any substantial challenges in terms of human rights violations.


While Canada to the north could be counted on to fulfill its duties and obligations to the peace and security of the Western Hemisphere in 2015, serious questions will remain in respect to Mexico's actual efforts. While the government of President Pena Nieto might have the best of intentions and purposes as contributors to stability, ongoing gangland violence, murders, kidnappings and corruption associated with the narco-trade, cast serious doubts on whether Mexico can meet its duties alone in 2015.

That a system of corruption could exist in Mexico that facilitates the kidnapping of 43 students by police and their apparent horrific deaths and the fiery disposal of their remains, underscores the decadent state of safety and security in Mexico. Plans to reform the state police and to increase federal checks on policing and corruption at the state level are welcomed. But, are they too late? And will they be wide enough in scope to bring about change? 

Mexico will not admit, but the nation needs greater western assistance in 2015 to tackle the deeply rooted sources of violence and corruption associated with the drug trade. Drone technology, should Mexico request, could be utilized in 2015 to combat the rampant violence in Mexico that has killed thousands of people. Until additional assistance is sought and given, 2015 could become even more violent in Mexico.

On a bright side, the opening of bidding for oil exploration in 14 areas on the Gulf of Mexico holds rich prospects of wads of cash to Mexico so that it could pay for programs needed to increase security and safety. Though the process of oil bidding is public, scandals of corruption involving other multi-million deals to improve Mexico's infrastructure, have clouded the integrity of Mexico's leaders.

But Mexico has the potential to flourish economically in 2015 once the graved issues of public safety and security are addressed. Once the security and safety concerns are satisfied,  it should come as no surprise later in 2015, if a reverse immigration to Mexico increases.

Publishing Note!

[This Series, the World in 2015, continues tomorrow with the Caribbean, with Central and South America on December 26; the Middle East on December 27; Europe on December 28; Asia on December 29; and the United States on December 30.]