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Enough Already! Sign the Climate Agreement of Lima

United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry has offered the most rational insistence yet in respect to the dire need for a climate agreement at a conference of nations in Lima, Peru: "...not an option - an urgent necessity." And to this end nations of the World need to desist from the wrangling of disgruntled humankind and sign an accord in respect to reigning in climate change.

The Lima conference has gone into overtime because nations are still objecting, scoffing and editing language that would commit them to real action and an accounting of such action to combating global warming and its rising negative impacts upon global society. Grumblings continue over who should pay for what, how much should  wealthy nations contribute in ratio to developing nations like Haiti, and whether or not China should pay at a developing nation rate or at the same rate as countries like the US, France and Germany. In reality, delays could be attributed to what the BBC-News called: "Long-running divisions between rich and poor countries... and whether or not... developing countries should take on obligations to cut emissions."

Conference terms such as the "intended nationally determined contributions" (INDCs) - of which according to the BBC, developed nations want to restrict to carbon cuts and of which developing nations want to include financing for adaptation for such; are contributing to a delay of a consensus at the conference. Another term, "ex-ante review" which would allow for non-sovereign review of  a nation to gauge its compliance with climate change agreements, is also being hotly debated. So is the idea of "common but differentiated responsibilities" a clause China supports for it would limit China's contribution to that of a developing country and not at the same rate as that of the US, France, the UK and Germany.

The Lima conference is charged with advancing the text of a climate change agreement that will be finalized and adopted at a conference in Paris, France, next year. 

All nations have directly contributed to climate change; and all nations have the responsible to agree to a fair framework to reign in this evolving and developing scientific phenomenon that poses major risks to the continuity of the human race. It is imperative that an accord be reached at Lima so that preventative steps could begin to combat a possible global catastrophe.