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Toward the Needed Cure to Heal Old and Recurring Racial Wounds

United States(US) Attorney General Eric Holder and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, have both taken the needed initial steps to grant redress and to cure bias police procedures that have resulted in the unarmed death of Black men and Black youth across America.Yet, as the country's chief prosecutor Mr. Holder and the Mayor of the largest city, Mr. de Blasio, take steps to return trust to the relationship between minorities and the police, another unarmed Black man has died at the hands of police in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Thus, the immediate need for directive to state, city, county and local police departments to stand down their weapons in cases involving unarmed suspects, is fully warranted now -  not next week, not next month, not next year, but now, today - this hour, this moment. The violent non-sensitive actions of some police toward minorities is placing a blemish upon this country at the international level. It is embarrassing. Its is shameful. 

And if this country is to continue upon its path as a steward of human rights and of equality; a clear, concise, concrete and explicit directive to all police departments in respect to handling unarmed individuals must be dispatched forthwith.

As Attorney General Eric Holder launches Federal inquiries into the deaths of unarmed suspects in Missouri and New York, and as investigations continue into the death of a 12-year-old Black kid in Ohio and into the death of another unarmed Black man in a stairway in Brooklyn, New York, last month, and the killing of another unarmed suspect in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday; demonstrations seeking justice, fairness and equality under the law continue in New York City, New York; Washington, D.C.; Oakland, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Miami, Florida; New Haven, Connecticut; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; New Brunswick, New Jersey and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The scale of demonstrations underscores United Nations(UN) "legitimate concerns" over  a "pattern of impunity" concerning minority victims of police shootings in America. 

NYC Mayor de Blasio's plan to teach the NYPD how to communicate with people on the streets is a good start to rebuilding trust between minorities and police officers and it should be accompanied by a national directive to all police departments to stand-down their weapons in dealing with incidents involving unarmed individuals. Only then could the cure emerge to heal old and recurring racial wounds once and for all times.