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December 2014

To Free the Not Free in 2015

Of free men and women, of not free men and women, how will your fates be determined in 2015?  While conventional wisdom suggests the status-quo will hold in 2015, as it has in 2014, and all the prior years, I have a sense that a whole heck of challenges to the way things are will emerge in 2015, especially from those men and women not free. 

Of free men and women, most now enjoy  representative freedom within their democratic systems that accord the privileges to steer much of their destinies.

The World in 2015 - the United States of America

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, United States(US) President Barack Obama will re-affirm to the nation that the State of the Union is strong. It is strong, and it will continue being strong beyond 2015.

Yet, within the State of the Union, serious concerns remain regarding equal protection under the law for minorities. A sequence of events involving white police officers shooting to death unarmed Black men and youth, has called upon the US to address and to bridge the final frontier of race relations at home in 2015.

The World in 2015 - Asia

From the exotic beauties who grace the landscapes of Rizhao, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Taipei, Seoul and Pyongyang, to the jaded princesses of New Delhi, Mumbai, Jakarta, Tokyo and Bangkok, and extending to the "sheilas" of the Australian outback, Asia teems of an assortment of varieties. Not only as the most populated of the continents, Asia also teems of a wide variety of cultures, of nations, of systems, of religions and of prospects for prosperity.

Yet, Asia in 2015, will be no Eden. As multi-billion-dollar trade deals are inked enabling the movement of most of the world's cargo on its seas, girded deeply into Asian communities remain strong desires for national identity, for change, for more freedom and for democracy.

The World in 2015 - Europe

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) will continue to be Europe's most effective security umbrella in 2015. NATO will provide Europe the vast security protection the continent needs from Russia. Under NATO's broad protection in 2015, the nation states of free Europe will be accorded   the opportunity in their individual states to allocate local resources and manpower to address extremism and a growing danger posed by far-right hatred groups that if left unchecked, could spread at a pace reminiscent of the bigotry of 1930s Europe.

The World in 2015 - the Middle East

The still unfolding human tragedy that is the Syrian War, represents a major failing of the international community to bring needed relief and comfort to millions of children and adults in the Levant. The Syrian War is the single biggest destabilizing event of the Middle East and its effects will continue well into 2015.

The deathly humanitarian impact of the Syrian War has facilitated the rise, the expansion and the campaign of the extremist group, the Islamic State(IS). Viewed as an alternative to Assad by his victims in lieu of an international solution, and inspired by disunity and non-reconciliation in Iraq, the IS  blasted upon the scene in 2014 in a bid to create a Caliphate in the Levant.

The World in 2015 - Central and South America

The role of class, corruption, national culture and violence as contributors to instability, will figure highly on the affairs of Central and South America in 2015. From Honduras to Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina to Colombia, events to define the a fore mentioned contributors, will shape the future of the two regions in 2015.

A Chinese connected construction project to build a new Canal digging between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is a major geo-political infrastructural project slated in Central America in 2015.

A Day of Peace

On this day, I beg that all parties and actors of conflicts, honor a cessation of hostilities for at least 24-hours.

At the end of this 24-hour period, perhaps, just perhaps, all parties and actors of conflicts could recognize that peace is possible and sustainable, thus leading to a longer peace accompanied by stability and comfort. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with each and everyone of us. To peace! Amen.

A Prayer for the Children of Conflicts - the Displaced, the Stateless

Dear Father, Almighty God, Ruler of the Universe, 

I bow before you in full respect of your strength and your might - in acknowledgement, that You are the Supreme of whatever was, whatever is and whatever will be. Before your control, I beg that you grant relief to the children of conflicts across the Globe. 

Most Holy God, I've looked into the faces and the eyes of many children-victims of conflicts through the lenses of Associated Press(AP) and Reuters photographers working in the Levant and Africa, and Dearest God, the faces of the children scream for relief with sunken dull eyes startled as an impact of the violence of war, and with ashen-dotted cheeks indicative of malnutrition.

The World in 2015 - the Caribbean

Of turquoise waters gently moistening warm sun-drenched white sands, set against an island-scape of palm trees, scented by rum drinks and heavily seasoned foods, is representative of many imaginations of what is indicative of the Caribbean. This is the Caribbean - or at least, some aspects of it, of which there are many with variations categorized by the individual beholder. 

My navel-string, like that also of the calypso-educator, the "Mighty Gabby" , and that of many others, is buried in the Caribbean.

The World in 2015 - Canada and Mexico

Canada and Mexico have major roles to fulfill toward the security and the stability of the Western Hemisphere and of the World in general. And with these obligations, Canada and Mexico will continue to make some needed reforms toward the continuity of peace and tranquility, north and south of the United States(US) border in 2015. 

Yet, as with any task involving security, the duties charged to Canada and Mexico could prove difficult at times as they both weigh traditions and accepted norms against the needed reforms to promote public safety, national serenity and global stability.