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The Rights of the People Should Never be Abridged

In the course of human governance across the Globe, it is a fundamental tenet of stability that the rights of the people not be abridged nor denied. Each and every event of conflict, or war, or protest or demonstration, is rooted in the abridgment of rights and freedoms. 

As some World actors seek to extent and to strengthen their grips on power, their actions conflict and run a-foul of the rights and the freedoms of the people, thus leading to conflict. From Ukraine to Burkina Faso, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Moldova, Hungary, Romania,Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and beyond,  many of the sources of demonstrations and conflicts,  are rooted in attempts to abridge the rights of the people.

And I repeat these things here today as a reminder to all that while some might view conflicts and wars in other regions as mere episodes of bad-behaving protesters; most protests by people of nations, are reactions to real attacks upon their rights and their freedoms. As French President Francois Hollande has aptly warned African leaders not to fiddle with their Constitutions in attempts to hold onto power, his message underscores the necessity for the protection of the rights of the people from Africa to Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Undoubtedly, should the rights of the people not be abridged, a measure of Global stability could be achieved.